I would like to know what monthly premiums people are paying for "catastrophic only" health insurance.What would you have to pay total out of pocket for a major hospitalization/illness?  I'm looking for individual insurance, not people on an employer-covered plan.  I'm trying to decided what deductible/total out of pocket plan to get.  And I am talking about plans that do not cover doctor visits, just catastrophic.  Thanks.

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Sorry, Kerry, I can't help with the catastrophic only question; but I'd strongly recommend getting as much insurance as you can possibly afford.  Even if that means a $5000 deductible.  So many health conditions can come up that would not be classified as catastrophic and could put you into a financial hole you wouldn't be able to get out of ever.  If you're in California (sorry, too lazy to look if you are) my sister mentioned there's a new program starting in 2014 where you can buy insurance from the California Insurance Exchange.  A new agency that will make it easier for people to get insurance in California.  She had to stay at an accounting job she hated because she couldn't get insurance on her own.  She is now an "independent contractor" for a company, has COBRA for a year, and is hoping to be able to get insurance through the exchange next year. Even with a CPA license and years of experience, she is finding it very hard to get hired as an employee anywhere because companies don't want to pay all the extra costs associated with employee status.  

I think in 2014 you should be able to get insurance anywhere b/c pre-existing conditions no longer apply.  As far as exchanges. we have that in Kansas.  They do not get you a bargain as far as the price of services from your doctor.  That's how they do it in Kansas.  I did not find it to be a very good deal.

What kind of exchanges in Kansas, Janiece?  Are these the new health reform exchanges?  I thought they weren't in place yet.  We don't know yet what premiums will be under the new Obamacare, higher or lower.  They really need to be lower, especially for someone like me who only wants catastrophic and not doctor visits.  I only go to the ob/gyno every two years for a checkup.

Kerry, it has been so long since I checked into it I don't remember details.  I'm sure Colorado has them too.  I think each state does.  You have to use the exchange for your state.

After Obama care goes into effect we all are required to buy health insurance in 2014.  I don't know if they allow you to buy only catastrophic.  If we do not buy health insurance, we have to pay a penalty.

My understanding from talking to an insurance agent yesterday was that there will be five different types of plan available to choose from under Obamacare depending on how much and what type of coverage you want so I'm sure there will be catastrophic available.  It would be totally ridiculous to not have that available. 

Great.  I hope we have that option.

Okay.  My husband and I only have catastrophic medical insurance through Kaiser.  We have a 30,000 deductible and we pay 675 a month for that insurance.  That's for both of us.  I think it's pretty high.  I only think we have $1,000,000 of coverage too.  If you get cancer, that money is out the window in no time.

And if you get sick on 12/31 with a catastrophic plan and you have a large expense, the way my plan works is my deductible resets.  In Kelli's example if I had a late year $30,000 claim and was still receiving care in January, that's $30,000 again.  

OMG, Kelli, I can't believe that rate you're paying.  You know, people are upset about how Obamacare is going to increase taxes, i.e., employers are now paying a 2.3 percent medical excise tax starting this year.  But we've got to do something to get healthcare for people in this country and deal with the debt created by healthcare costs like Medicare.  Every other country who has universal healthcare pays much higher taxes still than we do here so something has to give because people should be able to get basic healthcare needs met.

So true.  So true!!  I actually didn't think about that.  That could end up bankrupting you if you have to pay it every year.  Oops. 

Well, I heard from an insurance agent/broker that Obamacare is going to offer five different types of plans available through the exchanges set up in each state.  So I'm guessing that it will range from catastrophic/high deductible to someone who goes to the doctor regularly and wants all those visits covered.  I really would love to not pay more than $200 a month for a catastrophic major medical only with $5000 deductible.  Dream on?  I hope not.


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