Help!!! Need advice regarding a symbol, but it just might be a software issue. I'm on Case.

I just had two depos back to back regarding the 99 cent only stores. Now, mind you, 99 cent only stores is throughout my whole transcript. I'm googling it and it looks like cent should be the symbol. However, the cent symbol is not on my computer where I can just add it in, and I cannot find it on my software. I'm on case. Can anyone help??????

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Their website says 99 (symbol) Only Stores. I'd use "99 Cent Only Stores."
Hi, Cynthia,

So if you go to Edit, Insert, Extended Characters, and the box pops up, you don't see it in the second row? I do.
Hi Cythnia,

I'm on Case also and couldn't find it in the help menu, sorry :( You may just have to use the word "cents."


I don't see the Extended Character in my FS box.
I found it. I thought you could find it pressing ctrl I within the edit screen.

No prob, Angie! It wasn't too long ago I had no clue how to do that. ;)
Thank you guys. Just got home and I saw the responses. I love your thinking Jeanese, more pages, more money. Thank you Jessica. I kept overlooking that cent symbol, but I did find it.
Talk about being on the road. It really sucks. It took me two hours just to get home from Long Beach to Hacienda Heights (normally a 30 minute drive). The fires really have the freeways out of controls.
Hi Stephanie,
Yeah. I kept going back and forth should I spell it out or use a symbol. The caption does have the symbol. And I am totally taking Jeanese's comment into consideration of how the transcipt would flow a lot easier if it were spelled out. Lots of things to consider. Thanks for your help.
Will the symbol come out okay with an ASCII conversion? So many of those special symbols don't. That would be a big consideration.
I took a case on a 99 Cents Only Store a few years ago. I think I used the word written out. As Brenda says, when you save it as an ASCII, that symbol might not be saved correctly.
Thank you everyone for your responses. I was leaning more on wrtiting it out, but seeing everyone's responses I think that it the best option. Thanks so much everyone.
Hi Cynthia do the following keystrokes Alt+E+I+X which opens up the extended character dialogue box. There you can find the cent symbol and other symbols that you might need for later use. Or in the Translate dialogue box hit F9 and you can find it there and put it into the steno definition.

However, using extended symbols may not translate well into ASCII, so I would go with writing it out.


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