My laptop has finally shut down on me. I need a new laptop now. I'm on Case Catalyst. I've loved my Toshibas in the past. Anyone bought a new laptop recently and just love it with Case Catalyst? I know I'm going to have to upgrade my software because I'm only on Version 4. I've just never cared much about the updates because it has worked just fine for me.

I tried to install my Version 4 on an HP with Vista this morning and it won't work. Stenograph is "experiencing technical difficulties" today, I guess. I've tried to call and it just hangs up on me......pretty irritating!!! So I thought I'd check to see if anyone has any suggestions for me here? Maybe I can use this HP I have with Vista but just need to update my software? I've also seen posts on here that Catalyst and Vista don't work well together?

Anyone with any words of wisdom, advice, I'm here to listen! Thanks a bunch! Karen :)

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You may want to check out the IBM ThinkPad T or W series. They're wonderful workhorses. Check out my discussion in the Technolust group, Discussion, Laptop.

Good luck:)
I'm a Catalyst user and have used exclusively ThinkPads with no problems at all, particularly my latest machine.

Do some price checking and then call this guy to see what he has:

Robert (Bob) C. Bogutsky
5064 Overcrest Drive
Kannapolis, NC 28081 USA
Telephone (Home) 704 785-9276
Primary Email ID:
Facsimile: 704 782-4911
Mobile: 704 258-3287

He's a retired IBMer, who has great (legitimate) sources of new and slightly used ThinkPads, all with Lenovo warranties which can and should be verified with Lenovo prior to buying, which he upgrades and sells a few on eBay but mostly privately since that gives him the ability to work with the potential buyer and suggest units and alternatives. I am using a T61 now that I bought from him. You get a lot more for your money with Bob than anywhere else. Mine came with only 8 months left on the warranty, so I bought a 2-year extended warranty from Lenovo for $129.

You can't go wrong with Bob. He's terrific and so knowledgeable.

I use Catalyst and get excellent audiosynch.

Marge Teilhaber CSR RDR
Fort Lee NJ
Thank you VERY much! Have never used the ThinkPads, but I am thankful for the replies! Going to check them out.....and will call Bob! Thank you! Of course you will all appreciate this: I wish Bob was in my living room RIGHT NOW setting my new computer up and getting me up and running! It is so uncomfortable not being able to access the hundreds of pages that are out there in limbo! So scary! I know we all feel the same. Don't like to be out of control! ha ha ha. And OF COURSE it is a WEEKEND! Thank you for the replies!!!!!! Karen :)
You will definitely want to upgrade your Catalyst to the recent version. It's never been an issue for me because I buy the support contract every year. Since you haven't done that, start preparing yourself for what it will cost you to get the latest version.

Also, I hope you have backed up your stuff.

BTW, I have XP Pro and have not used Vista. Ask Bob about that, if he can ship you a machine with XP. You get a lot of extras with Bob. Be sure to ask him what I'm talking about!
I know, I know, I'm preparing myself for what this will all cost me!!! I did back up my stuff this morning, while my screen was "shaking"!!! And when I finished, I turned around and looked and my screen was BLACK. So I did get it to an external hard drive just in time. I just emailed Bob right now. I will remind him about XP. I did mention the Vista problem in my email to him. Thank you very much! Karen :)
You're welcome! Good luck with the purchase and setting up new machine. Remember to test your audiosynch the night before and calling SG if necessary for help in getting the right things checked. The last thing you need is the first job out of the the gate on a new machine and no audio.


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