Lisa Migliore Black, CCR-KY, and David Black, Esq., will present on cybersquatting at NCRA’s Convention & Expo in New York. Hope to see you in the Big Apple!

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How wonderful is that, Lisa!  Saturday I hope?  I'll be there and look forward to seeing you and hearing your, I'm totally sure, most interesting presentation.   You certainly know what you're talking about (unfortunately) and it's wonderful that you're sharing it.   A major public service you're doing!

Thanks, Marge.  David and I are looking forward to presenting.  We are slotted for Sunday at 10:15-11:45. 

Can't wait to see you.  I hope you're going to the president's ball and the after-party!!!!

I'll be there Thursday night and Saturday day & night.  I'll be looking for you!  Friday I have a wedding.  As of now I can't make it Sunday but that could change and if so, I'll definitely come in to attend your presentation.  

Many thanks to our audience, NCRA, Paulita Kundid, and Ginger Brooks for making our presentation such a success. For more information on cybersquatting, please visit the educational site we created:  ‪#‎NCRA15


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