I was just wondering how work is for everyone.  I am usually pretty busy with four consistent days a week.  However, this week I only was able to get one job.  Everything else canceled on me.


I seem to remember around tax time everything slows down every year.  Is anyone else noticing this?

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The recession that started more than two years ago negatively impacted my proofreading business, but things seem to be getting better since around February 2011.  During tough times, this cliche comes to mind: "When times get tough, the tough get going!"
From Northern Ohio it's been slow.  A lot of cancellations.  Instead of calling it contracting, insurance firms say they have to use a "preferred vendor".  Anti-contracting laws?  What a joke.

This economy is scaring me!  I moved from the Baltimore/Washington area to Charleston, SC, and I haven't been busy since.  There are a few weeks here and there where we're busy, but nothing steady.  Right now, I'm averaging 1-3 days a week.  Something has to change!  I have my name in with several different agencies, and it never fails, when I'm busy one week, they're all busy, and I have to turn down work.

I hope you are right Kelli.  I had only two jobs last week, and have not gotten called this week.  I do only work for one agency though.
Yes, its' very slow :(  I've noticed it the last few weeks here in Seattle. 

Trisha, contact me privately.  I am wondering if you cover any areas I need help in.



Hi Everyone,

We down here in SW Florida are hurting.  We've had slow times before, but this has been pretty bad.  We'll do a full day depo and then they don't order the transcript.

We keep thinking it's gonna end soon, only to know summer is around the corner and things die down again.

We don't have any contracting clients and it's still slow!!!!


Keep saying your prayers!!!

Yvonne, RPR, CRR, FPR



We're slow here in Alabama too.  It's been devastating since the end of last year.  If anyone has anything near my area, please let me know.  You can contact me at spyost@charter.net.


Shannon P. Yost

Well, it seems like things are starting to pick up now.  I think it was Spring Break and tax time that slowed everything down.    Seems slow at tax time every year to me.  Anyway, I hope that's what it is.

We are very busy in South Georgia.  I am hiring.

Barbara Memory, RPR, CCR

Memory Reporting, Inc.

Very busy in South Georgia.  I am hiring.

Barbara Memory, RPR, CCR

Memory Reporting, Inc.

It's been slow on and off for me since about November of last year.  It goes really well for a couple of weeks, then very little for a few more. Seems that we spent months dealing with the bad weather, holidays, and now that the weather is decent again, it's spring, then summer vacations, etc.    It's either feast or famine.   I prefer feast.  :-)


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