I need help!  I've been trying and trying to save a videotaped job that I took.  It's timestamped.  I've saved into as an ASKII and after I save it to the ASKII, it doesn't show the timestamping!!!!!!  How can I save it so that the timestamping can show on the ASKII????



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It would be helpful to post what software you're on so the appropriate people could try to help you.

If you are on Eclipse, go into your User Settings, Document tab, Timecodes button, and under "Time printing," make sure it's not set to "None." Click the drop-down arrow and choose the frequency with which you want the time stamps to appear and the format. Most firms want 12-hour (No AM/PM).

If you're on Catalyst, when you export to aschi, go to options and check "include timestamps."

ASCII: American Standard Code for Information Interchange


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