I am Looking for a product that is comparable to Etranscript or RealLegal. Is there anything out there new or used?




is anyone aware if even if such an animal exists.


I have an older version of RealLegal/Etranscript which I paid a lot of money for and the company will no longer support.


I do not know the exact price, but I had someone from my office call and they wanted something along the lines of $175/mo.   We did not get any follow-up info in the mail, although we were told that we would receive it.


I would be interested in purchasing an older version or if there's a competing version that I'm not aware of, please, if someone wants to be a good samaritan and enlighten me, you would make a new friend.


Thank you so much.


Chuck Carmody


or feel free to call tollfree

at (877) 646-2599

Local 215-646-2599






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I actually think they're purposely pricing themselves out of their own market.   
Hi, Judy.

I agree that their pricing scheme is literally shooting themselves in the foot, but why would any business do that on purpose?

Maybe they don't like doing individual conversions.  Maybe they're trying to convince at least a few people that all you have to do is two conversions a month to almost hit their $130/mo mark (is that their monthly fee?), so why not go monthly instead?  Don't you think they'd rather have those monthly fees? 

Hi, Judy.

I can see that they might be trying to get out of the conversion business and perhaps they like the monthly fees (else why raise the price?).

I'm no business guy, but it seems to me that such a pricing model will only have two effects:


(1)  Drive your customers to your competition, and


(2)  Bring everyone out of the woodwork that has the old version to do the conversion for a much more reasonable price ($10 a pop).


$130/month vs. $10 when you need it, and the company will be losing customers in droves!

Well, these are the same people that decided to stab their customers (court reporters!) in the back and open a competing court reporting agency, trying to steal their jobs.  Who ever said they're good businessmen? 
Have to agree with you on the crappy businessmen idea ... but still, what's the point in investing all that money, and making all those stupid decisions?  What is their ultimate goal?

What is their ultimate goal?


I  believe their ultimate goal is to be the litigation support software on every attorneys' computer.  (sorry, the software isn't letting me unitalicize it)  Attorneys are a much bigger market than court reporters.


What CAT software are you using? Most have the ability to print directly into a PDF format and some can even build the Full, Mini, and Word Index within the software. You can scan the exhibits and Zip them all together and deliver it all electronically.  There are many options out there, and there is no need to send any more money into the pockets of Reallegal, and we should all stop using LiveNote and any other product they offer.


I was going to say the same thing, Judy.  You've got it right.

Janet, both you and Judy might be onto something, but if you anger your existing and future customer base, no one (reporter-wise, anyway) will buy your product.


Looks like we'll have the dubious pleasure of watching and waiting for their eventual crash and burn or their resurgence ... but my money is on an eventual crash-and-burn.


If I were running a CAT software company, I would make it a top priority to include the E-tran functionality in my software ... but that's just me being vindictively proactive.  :oP

Wasn't there someone on this discussion who offered to convert files to Etrans??  Where are you, person??  Please contact me ASAP!  I need help!  Thanks.


I believe her name is Joyce and her email address is joyce34117@yahoo.com.


Hope that helps!  Good luck,




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