I just got Eclipse Software in the mail yesterday. Is that the Eclipse 5?

The package does not say Eclipse 5 software on it.  However, new keys came with it so I just assumed that's what it is.


I am affraid do load it up because of all the problems people have been having.  Anyone know if they fixed the problems?

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Eclipse tech support say it's okay.  But remember, if your scopist is not on Eclipse 5, then you will have to export your file as an RTF file so that your scopist can edit it.


Ecl files created in Eclipse 5 ARE NOT compatible with earlier versions.

I have been using Version 5 for months now, and I am not having any problems.  Most of the issues had to do with Windows 7/64, but they have been corrected.


It is true that 5 and 4 are NOT backwards compatible.  Re-tranning or exporting with RTF are necessary to go from 5 back to 4.  I always just re-tran for my scopist.


If you decide to try it, there will be no harm because you will have two versions of Eclipse on your computer.  If you decided you don't like 5, you can always just not use it. It does not change any of your files or settings in version 4.


I must say though, the edit features in 5 are out of this world.  They make editing a no-brainer because the program is extremely intuitive.


In addition to that, the Autobrief feature makes recommendations for briefs, and it also reminds you of things you forgot about in your dictionary with "Reminders"  It will also include entries with numbers, which is something I personally have been waiting for.


I say go for it: you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Good to know.  Thanks, Kyung.  Did you upgrade yet?
Nope.  Haven't gotten the CD yet, and haven't downloaded it.
When you get it, are you going to load it on your computer?  I just had heard about some issues and wanted to wait.  It does have some new bells and whistles I would love to have, though.
Probably not.  Maybe at the end of the year.  I'm ambivalent.
I heard from Jenny Griffin that she is not having any problems with it.   You can have both programs running on your computer as I understand it.  I haven't received it yet, but I'm not in a hurry to change over.
The problem with that is then you have to constantly change keys back and forth.  That would get old quick. 
I am sure it's the new Version 5.  I was at the seminar in Baltimore where Eclipse said everything is good to go on Version 5.  So I'd give it a try.  It looks like it's gonna be awesome!!
I need to upgrade to 5 this week.  I want all the new bells and whistles, especially auto brief for numbers.  What other cool things does 5 do?


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