One of the firms I work for is requiring everyone get E & O insurance.  I should have it anyway.  I need some suggestions on where to get it. 


What plans are out there? 

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I thought it came through as part of my notary, but maybe I am wrong.

I used the NCRA one.  Worked wonderfully 15 years ago when my machine was stolen out of my trunk with that day's transcript in it!   (I always seem to learn the hard way -  I shouldn't have left everything in my car).  This was before laptops and flash drives so the paper notes and backup notes on my machine were all I had.    It paid for atty's fees, doctor's hourly fee.  Luckily, the doctor didn't have the report he needed so it was a very short depo and they needed to retake his depo anyway.  I'm sure they have the info on NCRA's website.


Ask him about umbrella policies too if he/she doesn't bring it up.  I don't remember all the details about it anymore, but they should.

I am not a member of NCRA, though.  You have to be a member of NCRA to have that insurance.  I called today.  NCRA is sooo expensive, like $350 or something.   And, of course, that doesn't include you getting the insurance.  You have to be a member first.


I am waiting for my Farmer's agent to get back to me if they offer it.

NCRA membership is $250 a year.


With NCRA I've got two disability policies and an "in-hospital" policy which pays me $200 a day for any inpatient stays.  I used to have equipment insurance but let it lapse because I never leave stuff in my car.  I'm playing with fire on that one, I know.   I've had the policies a long time and have collected on all of them.  Happy to be paying premiums and not collecting benefits!  

I use Marsh & McClennan,  You probably get a discount for being with NCRA, but they will probably still let you buy E&O without being a member.  I don't see why they wouldn't.
Oh, wonderful.  Thank you, Kyung.   I was beginning to believe I could only get it through NCRA. 
I just filled out some forms through my Farmer's agent for E & O insurance.  I was wondering what's the cost that this should be?  Is it like $300 a year or what? 
Depends on how much you make.

The paperwork asked how much coverage I wanted.  I said 250,000.  Didn't know what to put down.  How much coverage do you have?


I have been a reporter for 24 years and never had coverage.  This one firm I work for requires that you have it, so I decided I should get it but didn't know how much.

We are in the process service business and use Insurance Tek out of Washington state.  Their agency in Texas goes by Eldorado Insurance Company/Agency in Houston.   Sorry I don't have their phone nr but you can google them.
DRA offers insurance to their members, too.


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