One of the firms I work for is requiring everyone get E & O insurance.  I should have it anyway.  I need some suggestions on where to get it. 


What plans are out there? 

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Thanks, Josh.  I am hoping Farmer's can hook me up.  If not, I will try these other avenues.
Through NCRA, Marsh is the agent for Liberty Insurance Underwriters, Inc., (800) 765-9408
OMG!!!   I just got a quote for $1400 for E & O insurance.  That is horrible.  What does everyone else pay?
under $400
Is E&O insurance the same thing as malpractice insurance?

So who did you decide to go through?

I am going to go through NCRA and get the insurance.  Regular insurance is way, way too expensive.  They want 1400 and it is 400 through NCRA.  Huge difference.

I just had State Farm give me a quote (the 189 covers everything above it, or so it says.  Something seems a bit fishy).  In order for me to get it through NCRA, I'd have to pay $500 to rejoin, plus the $400 fee.  Just ain't worth it.



Coverage B - Business Personal Property 5,000 - Replacement Cost

Coverage C - Loss of Income 12 Months

Coverage L - Business Liability - Per Occurrence 1,000,000

Coverage L - Business Liability - Annual Aggregate Limit 2,000,000

Coverage M - Medical Payments 5,000

Basic Premium 189.00


Why does it cost $500 to "rejoin"?  I guess it would be the same for me too because I would be rejoining.


189.00 seems too good to be true.  I wonder what the catch is.   Are you going to get the State Farm insurance? 

I quit NCRA one year and five months ago, so I'd have to pay this year and last year, at $250 a pop. 


You're right, it does sound too good to be true.  I was in my car talking to her on my cell phone (my bad!) so couldn't get into the nitty-gritty with her, but I described exactly what I needed and she said this is it, plus all the extras.  Don't know if NCRA's people supply loss of income or equipement replacement insurance in that $400.  I'll look it all over in a bit more detail when I get a moment to breath.


If you want, I can post her e-mail address and info.  They're in So Cal.

That would be great, because I have not been a membrer of NCRA for about four years so sounds like I would have to pay $1,000.  I don't think so.

You could just join again if you don't care about any certs that you may have given up.  I just figured if I was going to rejoin, I'd get it all back.



and she works for this guy:

Thomas Gorski
State Farm Agent
95 Argonaut
Suite 120
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656-4136
Mon-Thurs 9:00am to 5:30pm
Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm
Saturday & After Hrs by Appt
Phone: 949-831-9090
Fax: 949-831-0532


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