I need help from a fellow scopist on a job with Eclipse v. 4

I'm a scopist but I have a job that is giving me issues and I'd like help with a fellow scopist who can read steno.  The job does have audio but it's hard to hear, especially the judge.  I have to turn the job in Monday morning so I need help getting it done by tomorrow (Sunday) evening.  If you are interested please e-mail me ASAP.

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I REALLY hope anyone who responded to this did due diligence as to whether the reporter knew this was being outsourced.  If the reporter didn't know, BAD NEWS.

Actually, she did know.  Otherwise I wouldn't have asked for the help.  Doesn't matter anyways.  No one bothered to respond in time to help.  I did it all myself and got it back to the reporter, who is very satisfied.

Too late for your Monday deadline, but I'm a scopist on


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