If you have received a friend request or message from kabakole, I think it is a spammer.  He/she does not state who he/she is.  Several people have asked where kabakole is from.  No response.  Kabakole's page says he/she is from Morovia (there is no such place).  And my daughter (who is on CSRNation) got a weird friend request, and I see a few other people got friend requests.  It says something to the effect of "Hello, Dear. I am Princess by name. E-mail me back. This is important." I don't think someone on the up-and-up conducts business this way.

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Hi, Delicia.  I haven't gotten anything like that, but I agree!


Hi, Mary Ann!   Don't we feel unloved with no friend request from kabakole.

I'm still waiting to know where I have to go to pick up my money from Nigerian Prince Nugyinugyi, who tells me constantly I've won the Urganian Lottery!


I did get something from a Princess.  However, I am on craigslist for jobs, and that is most likely where it came from.  I do not do Yahoo Instant Messenger, but I still get contacted.  I just either delete the email or decline the Instant Message request stuff.

Wow, thanks for bringing it to our attention.  Janet deleted the member.  I was getting so many spammers a while back I had to lock the website and manually approve everyone because it's so bad.  This person apparently got through.  When I hear "Student" I always have a soft place for them and let them in.  Not again.  Thanks.

Darn.  I missed out.  I've never met a princess!


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