If you switched from a Mira to a Diamante, please comment

Please comment specifically if you have switched from a MIRA to a DIAMANTE.  I am interested to hear what you think of the differences between the two machines re stacking, the touch, how you feel after an all-day job, whether you think the switch was worth the dollars.

I am specifically interested in talking about this part of it, not about other machines or where to buy them.  Thank you!!!

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I think it's definitely worth the money, Deborah.  I love the Diamante.  It has occasional stacks or splits, but it's not enough for me to be annoyed by it.  I use the lightest touch and shallowest stroke on the Diamante.  It's the easiest, smoothest writing I've ever done.  I'm less fatigued at the end of a long day. 


I understand the new Diamantes have an even shorter stroke.  I'd love to try one out.

Thanks, Janet.  Coming from a heavy-hitter like you, that means a lot!

Janet, I'm SO tempted to get a new Diamante for just that reason -- sell one of the ones I have and just get a brand new one.


Wait, a brand new Diamante has an even shorter stroke than the retrofit?   (Asked as I am very IMPATIENTLY awaiting the return of my Diamante from its retrofit sometime this week.)

Lisa, that's what I've read from more than one reporter.  I'm drooling to just get another one.  Don't fret - Stenograph turned both my Diamantes around in ONE DAY.  You'll have your baby back in no time flat!


I have found out that rumor is NOT true.  The answer to my question is pasted below:

ALL Diamantes since February HAVE the SAME shorter stroke as you get with the "retrofit" -- it is a "retrofit" for writers made BEFORE Feb. 2012.

I had the Mira, bought a Diamante a year ago and wanted even a shorter touch because of my tendonitis problems and got the new Diamante with the even shorter touch.  Yes, the touch is nice.  However, it does stack and split more than I would like. 

All in all, it still is the best so far.  I'm still tired at the end of a seven-hour day; I don't feel that I am any less tired as Janet says.  I wish that was the truth.  I can't tell a difference there.  I actually thought with the shorter stroke, I would be able to tell a difference.  Not at all.  Not sure why.  Maybe it is because I have a tendency to pound.  I try not to but still find that I have a forceful stroke.  Janet doesn't so much, as we've talked about that.  You really don't have to do that with this machine.  I just find a lot of shadows and drags if I don't make an impact with a stroke.  It is a great machine, though.

  Now I have  a Mira and two Diamantes in my office.  My writers are starting to pile up.  Anyone want a Mira???

Kelli, you are quite the intense girl.  Now just breathe ... !


Kelli, it just sounds like you need individual key adjustments.  I know M.A. didn't have to make any key adjustments.  I did.  You shouldn't have to pound. 

I had my Diamante retrofitted and like Mary Ann I have less stacking and splitting.  I think it just depends on your fingers and your touch which depth works best for someone.  The ONLY writer that I noticed considerable less fatigue on my body and hands was the Lightspeed.  But really had too many problems for me in holding

key adjustments and stacking and splitting.  It was no keystroke depression at all.  Like writing on air.

Yeah, I know.  I'm trying to work on not doing that.  I did adjust a lot of the keys and am still adjusting them.   Every day or two I'm in there adjusting something.  It is a great writer, though. 

Janet, you say you are on the shortest stroke you can have and you don't notice a lot of stacking with the shortest stroke?

Also, what's most important for me is NO tension, as that kills my hands and makes me super tired. 

I am on the shortest stroke.  I think I have the setting on the Diamante on less stacking.  I'll have to check it.  I get an occasional "why he" for "yes," but I've defined around that.


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