IMPORTANT!!! NCRA Action -- A NATIONAL Threat to STENO Court Reporting Profession -- Think Deposition Reporters Can't Be Replaced by ER/DAR? Think Again!

Please read the message below and go to this site for more information/details:

Dear Reporters:

In November of 2008, the NCRA Board of Directors voted to explore/develop a plan for the testing and certification of non-steno methods. These methods include electronic recording/digital audio recording and voicewriting.

As members of NCRA, we believe it is in contradiction to the Constitution & Bylaws of this Association and outside the scope of purpose of the Association to spend Association money and resources on certifying non-stenographic methods, especially when members of this Association, steno reporters, are losing jobs all over the country to these competing methods.

Although we understand that no actual plan for testing non-steno methods has been developed yet and is only in a discussion stage, we object to any time and/or money spent on an endeavor that we believe will be harmful to the core membership and the profession.

We understand there is a perfectly valid opposing opinion that if these alternate record-makers are working alongside stenographers, they should be held to the same standards. However, our belief is that it would be very hard, if not impossible, for NCRA to remain an advocate for the stenographic method if it were to test/certify other methods’ competency; that it would fundamentally change the Association from a trade association for verbatim stenographers to a testing agency for all makers of the record.

An analogy from the NCRA Forum was that GM wants Hondas tested equally by the NHTSA. We agree, but GM isn’t in charge of testing Hondas, and shouldn’t be (conflict of interest.) So the question is whether members want NCRA to become the independent testing authority (NHTSA).

We believe this is such a significant policy shift that it should be presented to membership to decide on, not just the board of directors.

In response to this action by the board, a group of reporters have created this Members’ Motion to Rescind Board Action, pursuant to NCRA Constitution & Bylaws, in order to have the issue debated and voted upon by the membership at the annual business meeting this year. Below you will find the actual motion, supporting documents, as well as how you and others can become a signatory if you agree.

Please understand, this motion is in no way meant to insult, harass, or annoy. We are not pointing fingers or making character assaults of any kind. What we have here is a difference of opinion. However, we truly believe that allowing the board to continue down this path would be detrimental to the careers of our membership.

Our passion is great; our motives are sincere.

You will need to attend the annual business meeting on August 6 in Washington, D.C. in order to actually vote. Online voting is not available for this purpose. However, your support as a signatory is also needed to demonstrate to those present the will of the members.

Thank you for your consideration.

*** For further reading on this issue, please visit:

NCRA Forum "Reality" Thread
"Concerned Student" Blog

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Let's attempt to keep this thread on top at all times, so that everybody who visits the site will be sure to see it.
That's what I was thinking. Someone would have to keep posting a response so that this stays on top. We don't have a "bump" feature here, I don't think.
So be it. If it starts slipping to the bottom of the page, post something, anything.
Will do. I'll try to check on it a few times a day. You do the same. :)
And this just being my humble opinion, so if anybody gets their panties in a knot over this, take it out on me:

We need to replace the existing Board of Directors and very possibly the Executive Director with people that are working for what the majority of the membership wants (similar measures have been voted on previously and they've been told NO twice now)! If you've ever thought about running for office, now might be a GREAT time to get your foot in the door.
I am completely in favor of booting the board.

I saw the excerpts of the Constitution and Bylaws you cited on The board is clearly in violation of the association's purpose.
Every reporter NEEDS to express their opinion(s) on this matter. Whether you post at or here on CSRnation, please express your opinion so both sides know where they stand!

And it would also be helpful to state whether you are a member of NCRA and are eligible to vote.
Hi...I'm a student court reporter member of the NCRA and also of my state court reporting association, so I assume I cannot vote on this issue, but I agree that this is NOT the way NCRA should be going...
Thank you, Nina, for contributing your opinion!
Just another thought: Does the NCRA certify/test voicewriters? If so, shouldn't this motion retroactively include them, because as defined, voice is clearly not a stenographic method and is just another form of electronic recording.
When the name NSRA, the long-time and original name of our association, National Shorthand Reporters Association, was changed to NCRA, National Court Reporters Association, I thought it was to avoid any potential of being thought of as secretaries. I was happy for the switch. WHO KNEW THAT IT WOULD LEAD TO THIS. We should immediately switch back to NSRA because that's who we are.


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