Hello everyone,

I want to buy a netbook mostly for the purposes of editing while I am traveling. I'm looking for the cheapest deal possible. What are the minimum requirements that I should be looking for? I prefer Windows 7. I'm on Case Catalyst 14. Thanks!!

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If you buy a new one, it should be fine.  If you go to CC's website the requirements are posted there.  Walmart has great prices.  That is where I got my most recent one.  It was a little over $225.  Works great.

I use it to provide to attys for realtime.

You might have to go to Newegg or someplace like that.  I think people are going to tablets and there aren't too many places selling the Netbooks any more.  I don't understand it because then you have to by a stand and a keyboard.  It really becomes a netbook, but whatever....

There are some on Amazon too.  Good luck.

My little Gateway from Wal-Mart's website was $180 (Gateway).  I posted about how great it is already.  It has Windows 7.  It has a built-in webcam and Skype.


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