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                                       Instant Pay for Reporters ®


OCTOBER 16, 2015 - is CHANGING THE GAME again in an industry we have partnered with for almost a decade.  We know why we are successful.  It’s because of you, the Court Reporter and the Videographer.  

We offer a unique, novel and now fundamentally core business philosophy to an industry HUNGRY for a partner who truly understands from your perspective. 



We know how THEY treat you out there.   How do we know?  Because our leadership team is made up of Court Reporters…NOT INVESTMENT BANKERS!

That’s why we are excited to roll out our Instant Pay for Reporters® right now before the HOLIDAYS.  Find out why more reporters and videographers enjoy working with than any other agency in the country…and get paid for doing it…INSTANTLY!

 We offer three valuable options to bring your business to Huseby:

  1. Schedule your own clients’ depositions through Huseby and be paid instantly when the job is turned in.  We will handle all your production and delivery, we will bill your client directly but pay you instantly.  They are always your clients, not ours!  We will not charge you an additional fee to be paid instantly!
  2. You schedule, produce and deliver your jobs to your clients, let us do the billing and we pay you instantly. (qualified reporters only).
  3. Firm owners:  Pay your reporters instantly and receive your split instantly (qualified firm owners only).


If you would like to sign up for Instant Pay for Reporters®, please send an email to

No longer do reporters, videographers and trial technicians need to wait 90, 120 or longer to get paid for work they have completed.  Focus your time on more work and NOT COLLECTIONS!

We appreciate the opportunity to continue our 85-year tradition of partnering with our colleagues around the country to make this industry the best!

We stand ready to help the member of CSRNation cover their work and GET PAID INSTANTLY!


Highest Regards,

Scott A. Huseby, Sr., RPR

President & CEO

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What is the cost for this service?

no more than what other agencies charge you for your service

Does the reporter have to take less of a percentage for this service?  I know Esquire offers this too, but the reporter has to take 10% less on their paycheck.

I've been offered a similar deal over the years but I can't bear to give up even 1 percent.  I work too hard on each job (because I'm a crappy writer and I carefully scope and then do two proofreads, proofreader doing one of them) of all my work and can't bear to lose any of that hard-earned money.

I'm with you Marge.  No deal.

this deal is designed to give you more time to work on pages and not collections.  Once your in our system, you would be offered existing work we have in your areas that would also qualify for Instant Pay.

we do not take an extra 10 percent just to be paid instantly

Unless I'm misreading this, you have to bring in your clients to receive the instant pay.

Oh, I missed that part.  Good catch, Denise.  I should have figured there's a huge catch.  You get the client, do all the work, and we'll take a percentage for billing.  It's a way to generate more revenue for Huseby.  

it's a way to generate more revenue for the reporter and Huseby

Denise and Kelli, you are correct that the current promotion is to attract good reporters with a book of business and reward them by paying them instantly. However the bigger promotion is to draw attention to the fact that we always pay our reporters within a week guaranteed by direct deposit and promote the fact that in the world of bigger firms out there taking our business every day with contracts and other sorts of agreements that we are a reporter-owned company and understand what's important. As far as we can tell, there's not been a national reporting firm putting forth the effort to draw freelance reporters one by one to their company. Rather, emphasis is put on pricing which drives down rates, quality and steals jobs. All we are trying to do is create a win-win and attract good reporters and firm owners like yourselves. I'll be happy to provide you many references of reporters who have enjoyed the relationship I'm describing. Thank you for your interest and I hope that one day you'll give us a shot!


Scott Huseby, RPR

that is the current promotion if you don't already work with us.  We don't have enough additional work (yet), which is why we are running the promotion.  When you enter our system, you would be called for work that we currently have or will get in the future in your area.


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