This question may have already been asked but humor me please. =) Can anyone tell me what sort of benefits do court reporters (or CART/captioners) have in the working world? As far as medical, dental, vision...are those available with the employer or do court reporters have to get their insurance independently?

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Official reporters have benefits like medical, sick time, retirement and vacation. Hearing reporters for the Department of Industrial Relations have good benefits. (In CA, not sure about elsewhere.)

Most deposition reporters pay for health insurance themselves and don't get any benefits. I think there are a few firms around the country that hire reporters and "employees" and give benefits.

I work for the University of CA system doing CART. I'm an hourly, intermittent employee. I get sick time and vacation but no health insurance. I have to pay into their retirement system, but they don't contribute to it.
I do depositions also. For my depo work I don't get any benefits.

I don't know about captioners. I would think the full-time captioners who work for one company get benefits.
Dang I forgot to ask about pensions! Well I'm sure working with a school system there'd probably be retirement. At least I would think so. Not sure about those who work in captioning or government? Anybody have any clues??
Officials typically have vision, medical and dental insurance, with the premiums partially paid by the hiring goverment, and partially by wage deductions. Often life insurance is offered too but the government does usually not contribute to the premium payment. In the freelance world, I have no idea.
I bet freelancers have to get their own, (i.e., or go through the NCRA, as you posted previously.
Self-employed independent court reporters, YOU PAY YOU GET. This applies to all benefits that we buy for ourselves and it applies to all services that are requested from attorneys!
Of course, NCRA offers a wide variety of insurance policies, from insuring your hands, speech, hearing, sight and also equipment insurance. I think they also offer group life insurance.

I know the policy covering disability (hands, etc.) is fairly easy to make a claim, and it's honored rather quickly. Just be sure that the policy pay-back is enough to cover you while you're disabled. I had to put in two claims one for carpal tunnel and another for a broken elbow. I've also had to put in a claim for equipment damage due to a SLAUL on ice and my laptop screen got damaged. Again, no problems with the claim.
Wow thats great news!!! Gosh even equipment insurance...I had no idea. The more I find out about this profession the more I feel that this is where I belong, this is where I need to be. Thanks for the info Phil!! ;-)
My pleasure.


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