Everybody is invited to visit the Court Reporters Museum website at http://www.courtreportersmuseum.info/index.htm

The website has the following pages:

1. Patron saints page containing information on St. Cassian of Tangiers and St. Cassian of Imola.

2. Filing tip page to keep paper stenotype notes neat with cardboard separators and bricks.

3. B.L.D. (Box Lid Diagraming) Filing and inventory control system for court reporter stenotype notes, audiotapes and videotapes.

4. Handwarmer page, a handwarmer for stenotypists working in cold courtrooms.

5. Amplifier page detailing the Radio Shack amplifier which is a must for all stenotype and stenomask court reporters.

6. Certificate of Merit page, copy of Bill Parsons' NCRA Certificate of Merit from 1976.

7. Filing system histories page including ads for several filing systems that were attempted to be marketed to court reporters.

8. StenoDesk page, a special desk for court reporters that Bill used and enjoyed during his career as an official court reporter.

9. Marking examinations page, tips for marking direct and cross-examinations.

10. Links page with links to all court reporter associations and groups supported by Bill Parsons.

11. About Bill Parsons page, a page where Bill gives thanks.

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Hey, Bill, that is an excellent site. I have bookmarked it for future reference. I'm deadlining this morning, but I am going to go back and give that a thorough reading. Very nice!
Hi All,

After posting the info on the Court Reporters Museum website, a person read about the Court Reporter's Creed screensaver at the website, and I received an e-mail request for The Court Reporter's Creed screensaver.

I e-mailed the screensaver to the requester and received the following e-mail:

"Thank you, sir, for finding and sending the file. It actually works, at least on Windows Vista! I have made it my screensaver. I like it very much! That is very cool how someone took that and made it into a screensaver. Thanks again!"

The above e-mail refers to a screensaver of the original Court Reporter's Creed made by John Gales. It is mentioned at the website that I can supply the screensaver to anyone who wants it.

If anyone else wants a copy of The Court Reporter's Creed screensaver, just e-mail me at williamparsons2@yahoo.com



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