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I am very jello about your iPhone. Unfortunately, I am on the wrong network. Besides, I already have my CSRNation addiction. If I added an iPhone addiction, how would I get any work done.
I upgraded my phone yesterday. Had the Blackberry version on my cart, then needed the new charger/protective case/carry case/etc and it got WAY too expensive for my taste. I opted to stay w/my flip phone style as I can put it in my pocket when I bike and it is more protected and smaller. REALLY would love the iPhone too, but same issue. I need it to be more moble. Plus, my flip was 'free' as my contract was up, lol. $249 = $0.00 was cool!!! It has the G3 and music and internet, so I'm thinking I will be happy!! Is RED too to match my carry case for my gold Gemini, lol. Just wanted to share...was excited. 'Want' to be in your group, but maybe in a few years, if they can have them more protected and smaller, lol.
I was worried about the smallness and danger of it calling people behind my back, but it locks. You just have to swipe along the bottom of the screen to get it to turn on. I password-protect mine, so I have to enter a code to get it to turn on. You can turn on a feature where it'll delete everything on the phone after ten password attempts in case it's ever stolen. It's always backed up with my computer through iTunes and Outlook anyway.

I also bought this really cool film for the top of it to protect the screen, and it's awesome. The screen is heat-sensitive. So when you have it up to your face, it turns off the screen so there's no worry about hitting buttons when you're talking. You pull it away from your face, and the screen comes back. It's just brilliant. I can slip it into the smallest compartment in my purse or my pocket.

God, I sound like a commercial! Sorry. I'm just in love.
Very nice, Marla! You need to post a pic! :) I'm excited to get mine!
That is cool, Lisa!
Lisa, what app are you using to record your depos? I downloaded iTalk but haven't used it yet.
I got my iPhone a few months ago! I am somewhat "addicted" to it now -- can't go anywhere without playing with it and loading apps and e-mailing! I even ordered Mother's Day flowers while waiting for a depo to start! I can snap a photo (and a purdee-darn good one too), upload it to Facebook or Twitter right from the phone! No more having to e-mail it to myself, upload/download, then re-upload to a site. LOVE that!

A fun app I just loaded is "Shazam." You walk into a room (or while in a car, or in a bar -- hehe), hear the music playing, open up the Shazam app and it will "hear" the music and reply back what the song title is, the artist. If the song is available for purchase through iTunes, you can purchase it and download it on the spot. I went out for sushi the other night, and the background music was this very strange Asian music. Shazam came back with the Korean musician/artist, title -- so kew-el!

I just heard about another great app. I will try it out. If it's worth it, I'll come back and post about it.
Stay tuned!

The iJunkie
Audrey, join the iPhone group!! Click here.
I thought I just did (join, that is). Let me try again. ;-)

Yah, yah. Just as soon as I purchase a cool new gaget, it's destroyed by something better within a few weeks! (Thanks Dr. Evil -- I mean, Monti!) Just my luck! I'm not giving up my iPhone -- I'll go kicking and screaming!

Although . . . the Palm Pre is not bad -- shortcuts, built-in flash, more megapixels, all told with an incredible British accent! What more could you ask for?? (The accent makes it seem so much more sophisticated!)

I'd sure like to be the court reporter on all the INFRINGEMENT case depositions between the two companies that are BOUND to happen, if they're not already in litigation! I'll take depos for either side! I'm an equal-opportunity money-maker! I wonder if they'd say I couldn't remain impartial since I owned the iphone (??) Hmmmm.
The Palm Pre is coming out next month!!!!!!!!!
The iphone wil be destroyed. MUHAHAHAHA!

I am kidding of course. I don't mean to intrude on your lovely thread Marla :P

Oooh, I'm scaaaared! Psych!

its actually really cool, my phone MUST have a keypad.. thats a huge thing for me.


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