We all get irritated when we see misspellings in advertisements, signs, menus, documents, etc. I thought it would be fun to share pictures or stories about the ones we come across.

Here's one of my favorite ridiculous signs. It's not necessarily a misspelling, but it made me laugh:

It was in the parking lot of the Oregon State Fair.

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Nice one! Beatification. Oh, that's funny stuff.

Along the irritating spellings line, on CNN Headline News today they had "Workers got only 3-day's notice." Ugh.
Did you guys catch my horrific misspelling today?
good thing Jessica alerted me before any of you took a screen shot.
Thank god.
Not necessarily a misspelling, but it's funny. We're up here in Oregon visiting family, and we're smack dab in the middle of a good old-fashioned snow storm. When we saw this sign, it made us laugh.

Marla, where are you?

(The 89* I'll interpret as positive thinking!)
We are in West Salem, snow capital of the world right now.
Ah! Well, you can include Portland in that description. My kids are down that direction, outside of Stayton. It took my ex 3 hrs to get there from here last night, and about 4 to get up here. Impatient by nature, he was fit to be tied -- esp after sliding into another car last night and leaving a $1500 dent in it!

Talking to my daughter right now. She says it's 40* down there and things are melting nicely! Woohoo! It's heading north!!
I saw an ad on Craigslist that made me laugh.
"English Tudor needed" LMAO, a job for Henry VIII!! It was probably an English language learner, and I should'nt laugh but I did.
So did I! LOL!
Got a new one to add. I can't believe that people pay money to sign makers who can't spell. Sad.

It's actually in Pasadena, on Colorado, right across from the Pacific Paseo mall. Granted, it's in the alley, behind the storefront. But still. I think it's hysterical that they spell croissants right!
Any one hungry for some appertizers?

They must be from Boston. We're always accused of sticking in the letter "R" where it doesn't belong and leaving it out where it does belong!


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