Had the job from hell today.   Young attorneys.  One talked 250 all day, the witness talked 250 and his attorney who said plenty talked abut 270 and objected to almost every single question for almost 300 pages.  And they kept talking on top of each other.  Your typical job from hell depo.  But add to that:

The witness was tapping shoes on the floor, both of them, like a penguin, all day long!  And at times he was tapping his nails on the table along with his feet.  Drove me crazy!!!!!  So distracting to trying to concentrate.  And he wasn't nervous, just couldn't sit still.  The brief times he wasn't tapping his feet, he was swinging side to side in his chair.  Glad it didn't squeak!

Okay, so on my depo this afternoon, at the non-taking attorney's office, he closed the door as we were ready to start, but left the door cracked.  I asked, Did you want to shut the door (it was a little noisy in the hallway) and he said no, the dog might want to come it.  So in comes a little Schnauzer of some sort with ringing bells on his collar walking around under the table back and for on my cords on the floor...............the attorney said it was "the office dog." 

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Now I'm sort of sorry I asked.  LOL!
You need some emoticons on this site.  We could have one that taps his feet, one that clicks on his pen, and one that stinks up the room.


That's great!  Hope Kelli doesn't mind this.


this is for Kelli's witness
That is so great.  Love those little guys!!
Bathroom 2

here's one for my witness.

Okay Judy, I don't get the bathroom one.  What exactly was your witness doing?

Where did you find that icon?  And the others.

Let's just say my witness must not have found the tp in his stall.  It's the only one I could find, so I went with it. 


Just copy the html in the box of the emoticon you want to use, come back to this site, click on the html button at the top right of the box you're replying in, insert your code, and you have your emoticon.


edited to add:  the great thing about myemoticons.com is that you don't have to download anything onto your computer.  Just go in, search their stuff, and copy/paste.

I Love Candy

here's one for the witnesses that keep popping candy while testifying.

ever wanted to take a witness's cup of coffee away from them?

Many years ago I had about 20 attorneys in the room for Volume II of a depo.  They called me in late for this job and I was trying to compute everything in my head I needed to know.


So this is a place where they serve food (in the court reporter's office) andthis one attorney gets up and gets his meal and just starts eating in the middle of the depo.  I thought that was about one of the rudest things I'd ever seen. 


Don't think about anyone else, just yourself.  Ugh!!!!

That is so funny, but I guess it's true.  Some witnesses and attorneys can sometimes be a bit annoying.  Just part of the job I guess.  The list of things we are talking about all put together sounds funny, though.


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