I don't remember it being a code/reg that we, as court reporters, are required to keep time. Isn't it technically the lawyers' job to do this, since they are the ones required to abide by it? I had an attorney tell me it's "my job" to do so; I beg to differ. Am I wrong? I despise keeping time. :/

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I do a lot of deps where I'm asked to keep track of time.  I'm not techie, and this works for me.  I write down the start and stop times on a piece of paper.  I just search my transcript for the times we go on and off the record and write it down.  Then I use a program to add the times for me, because I really suck at adding times!  Takes 5 minues if you keep up on it and then the attorneys are happy.

Jut pick the calculator you want on this site for adding time. Works for me. 


Thanks, Bobbie Jo (love your name, btw). Now that I've discovered that Eclipse keeps time excellently, it's a nonissue. However, I will pass on this time calculator to my parents, who can use it to add up their employees' time cards. I bet my dad would sure appreciate it!

Definitely the videographer's job when we are there :) 

Timers were the best thing ever invented for us from Stenograph.  Such a time saver!  my understanding in Texas the attorneys are to keep track of their time.  I do it as a courtesy bc I have the software.  NOW if they want me to add from day one to the next, I just give them the times bc my math skills STINK!

Anyone on Procat know how to do this?


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