It's not often that you hear of attorneys writing letters to praise a court reporter. Sometimes, yeah, you'll get a thanks for doing a great job, which we all appreciate very much. But once in a while a reporter does such an awesome job that others sit up and take notice.

Well, Jeanese Johnson is one such terrific reporter.

This is a letter that an agency recently received about what a terrific job she has been doing and is doing. Many of you know Jeanese from the boards and know that she is a great reporter and an all around nice person. I think it's awesome that she is receiving recognition from the attorneys that she is working with as well.

I have an attached an excerpt from the letter. I have removed the agency name and information about the person who wrote the letter to protect their privacy, but it is from an arbitrator in the Southern California area.

GREAT JOB, Jeanese!!!!

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Jeanese, you are TRULY an inspiration!!


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