I'm in the market for a new laptop.  My faithful Samsung is finally giving up the ghost after several years. I'm currently on Eclipse Version 8.  I'm interested in a 17-inch screen, which Samsung doesn't make.  Does anyone have a recently acquired laptop that they just love?  Especially interested in recommendations for laptops with good audio quality.

Thanks, Eric  

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Hi Eric,

Please let me know what you find...  I'm with a Samsung also which has been great but we all know what eventually happens.  I'd really be happy w/3 USB ports but they seem to be more and more obsolete.  I know there are hubs but I'd rather avoid. Probably no choice next time around.  Keep me posted, please.  Good-luck!  Hope you're doing well -- long time no see.

Best regards,


I have a Dell with 3 USB ports and I love it.  Had it for a couple of years with no problem. Hoping to use it for three more years, since I only work two days a week.

Here is what I bought:    

Dell Inspiron 15.6" Ful HD Flagship Laptop, Intel Core i7-6500U 2.5GHz, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, AMD Radeon R5 M335 4GB DDR3, Backlit Keyboard, 9-hour Battery Life, DVD+/-RW, Windows 7 / 10 Pro


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