I've noticed after about 44 I can't see small type any longer.  I always have to get my glasses out to read business cards, exhibits, etc.


I am thinking about getting Lasik but I'm really nervous that the doctor will mess up or something; I won't be able to see afterwards. 

I was just wondering has anyone had this procedure done lately and what's your experience.  A plus is if you know a doctor in the Bay Area that is good.

I'm just tired of always having to wear glasses all the time.  My mom had this procedure done when she was 55 and all it did was change her problem.  She wanted to see far away and now that's all she can see; has to have glasses close up.  The doctor told her at her age, that's what would happen.  She did it anyway.  I don't want it to switch so I can see close but not far away.  Hoping I'm still young enough where that won't be a problem.

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Be careful, Kelli.  So much of our job is reading.  You don't want to do something and then you can't read like you need to for your job.  

I have heard of people having this procedure done where one eye will read close up and the other eye can see far away.  I guess your brain adjusts to it.

Me, I use readers.  It does not bother me.

I think you can try this out with contacts before you have the surgery.  I was told you have to give it a month for your brain to adjust.

Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of.  That's why I've put it off for the last few years.  I seriously don't like using glasses.

I hear you but you would really not like having something permanently done that you could not change.

I had an injury to my right eye and I had a cataract.  I had surgery to have it taken out.  Let me tell you, it is terrible to have a problem with your eyes.  It makes our job SOOOOO much harder.  It makes it hard to drive.  

Try the contacts and see what you think.  If you don't like it, you can go back to using readers.

I've tried contacts before; feels like a piece of dirt is in your eyes.  I'm not going that route.  Really bothers me.

Oh, I just meant to see if you liked the lasik.  You might be able to get soft contacts to test it out.

I had this done about three years ago.  I had what they call monovision.  That is where they make one eye for distance and the other for reading.  Your eyes end up working together so it's as if both are the same.  You don't have to wear glasses for either; however, I did have to wear them at night when I drove because they tell you it won't take away the bleeding lights, which is what I had.  I had one clear lens on the distance side and a correction for distance on the reading side.  Not an inconvenience in the least.  It was very successful and an easy surgery.  I went near Stoneridge Mall.  There is a laser eye surgery place there.  It is a second office for an office out of Silicon Valley, I believe.  It's called Laser Eye Center of the East Bay on Stoneridge Drive.


Jo Ann Bryce

Thanks, Jo Ann

I may just go talk to one of these Lasik places and see what they have to say.  Can't hurt.

I had a procedure done about 11 1/2 years ago that was similar to Lasik. My eyes were too small that they couldn't open them wide enough to cut the little flap that goes back down after so they did PRK instead, which is basically Lasik but without the flap. Due to not having the flap, I had to go back in 6 months later and they had to scrape excess scar tissue off my eye. I was told I may need it again, but if I keep doing it, it will keep coming back. Before my surgery, I couldn't even read the big E on the chart. I had been there so many times I had the chart memorized, but could not actually read it until I walked up to it and was less than arm's length away. I initially got down to 20/15 but that was when the scar tissue started up. After the scraping, again, 11 years later, I am now 20/20 in one eye and 20/25 in the other. I was 25 at the time of the initial surgery and am now 36. I love it. The scraping wasn't fun, but I would still do it again in a heart beat. The hardest thing about the surgery is to lay there and just stare at the laser. But even if your eyes twitch or move, which mine did, the laser is computer guided and corrects itself immediately so no mistakes. Also, the smell is pretty bad. Smells like burning hair. That brought me out of my relaxes, drug-induced stupor rather quickly. I asked/yelled, "OMG! IS THAT SMELL NORMAL?!" They laughed and said it was, just to stay still. The procedure is quick and recovery not bad. With Lasik, the recovery is faster than what I had. The only thing I noticed as a side effect after was that I am now very sensitive to light. Again, I think this is because I had the PRK instead of Lasik -- the surgery was right on the surface of my eyeball. The surgery has come a long way, I'm sure, since then. I know what I paid then for one eye is less than the cost now for both eyes. Screen a couple docs and see what you think. A good doc will bring you in for a couple exams before doing the procedure, making sure your vision is stable. I love it, not having to wear glasses anymore and able to actually wear cute sunglasses. Best thing I ever did.

Do you use those expensive moisture eye drops - like every day?  You should.  I had it done too.  It was the most incredible thing I ever did.  You need to moisure your eyes every day.  I can tell when I need drops. I can feel it  - and I can't read small print.

When they do surgery they give you a sedative (so you don't drive yourself home).  They gave me two sleeping pills (one for each day).  I slept for two days.  Don't get it done during the winter because you have to drive at night - and when you are driving headlights coming at your are giant bright stars (blinding).

That's a good idea, wait till summer.  I've been waiting this long, what's a few more months??

Well, if you decide to not do the surgery and you want a better selection of readers than Thrifty or Staples, I get my readers here: http://www.readingglassesshopper.com/


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