I have a Gemini Revolution. My carrying case just isn't working. The zippers came apart at the seams. I am trying to find a new case, with wheels. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've looked at pictures of some of the Stenograph cases, but I just can't tell if they would work or not. I'm really struggling. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I have a Tutto, too. I love mine, especially when I've got lots of xbts like Judy was talking about. The rolling is a breeze, the telescoping handle is nice and I love that it's a top loader.

Personally, I think any case would be burdensome schlepping up and down stairs.
I've used this bag on an escalator with no problem. Roll it up to the first step and handle-pull the case so it's sitting horizontally on the step. The all-around superior wheels make this possible.
Do you have one handle in the middle that you can lift it from or do you have a handle on either side that you would have to use to lift it? The temporary bag I am using is a top loader and I love that part!
There is a handle in the middle. You can also lift the bag from the bar frame at each end. And it's very sturdy:)


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