If you are a freelancer in Maine, could you please PM me. 

Thanks, Tricia

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Tricia, you know we have a group for this, right?  It is called "Have you ever heard of....."  You should post your question there and not on the main page.  That's why the group was made for this issue.

Thank you, Kelli, for pointing that out.  It's not a job posting, per se.  That's why I posted it on the main page.  I will repost in the morning.  I just drove seven hours from NY to Boston, after having been to my cousin's funeral and wake.  Your point is taken and will be acted upon in the morning EST time.  I hope your b'day continues to be a great one for you!  Tricia  I'm just too, too tired to repost it tonight.  I'm five minutes away from dreamland!!


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