Is it my imagination or has anyone found that the recent Martel mics aren't as good as the older ones?

My Martel mic which I've used for probably eight years was just starting to wear out so I bought a new one.  I don't think the new mic records "as loud" or as clear is my old mic.  Same laptops, same settings.

Anyone have this experience?

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Did you change software or upgrade your software?   Maybe the codecs have changed in the software which makes it appear as though the mic is not "as loud,"

It's just a thought.


If you are talking about the hi-gain mic I have one I bought a couple years ago and it is working great.  I do have to replace them every so often, about every 3 to 4 years.

No, I didn't change "anything."  Nothing.  I've had it just over 60 days.

Now I am realizing, as I'm editing last weeks jobs, there's static on it.  When I plug another mic or my

old Martel into the same computer, no static.  The mic has gone back.

I'm concerned now that they won't replace it after 60 days.  I remember Kelli saying something

about this issue.



With it being 60 days I would try to talk to someone b/c it appears you got a bad mic.  Perhaps if you explain they will be willing to exchange and give you a new mic b/c it sounds like it is defective.

It's worth a try.  

Maybe the 30 days is regarding getting a refund.  

My experience with this company has been quite good.

Let us know what happens.



I found their terms and conditions online.  It does state defective equipment after 30 days is subject to

"evaluation."  If they will not replace this, I won't be doing business with them again.  $150 mic should

not go bad after two months.  I'll have to just return it and charge it back to them.  I seem to remember

having an issue long ago with a recorder or something that was bad after 60 or 90 days and they would

not replace it.


Kerry, please let us know what happens.


What's the name of this mic you got on Amazon?  Looks interesting.

How long did you have the Martel mic before you wanted to return it?

I only used it a few times but the audio quality was terrible.  Ended up throwing it in the trash.  There went $300 down the drain.  I got the microphone but went on vacation in the meantime, so by the time I actually got around to using it, the 30 time to return it had lapsed. 

MXL AC404 USB Conference Microphone

Hi Kelli,


I decided to look into the mic you listed, MXL AC404 USB Conference Microphone and ordered it from Amazon; it was on sale.  Anyway, I received it today and I'm surprised at the size, It's huge.   Do you just put it out there in the center of the table with no questions asked?

It's not that big, at least mine is not.  No, I put it sort of facing the witness a little bit, that sounds the best.  It's great.  It's only maybe three inches wide and six inches long I would say.

You're probably used to the Martel tiny microphones.  Let me know what you think.

Yeah, it about three inches wide and a little less than six inches long, it just looks bit.  And yes, I am used to the Martel ones.  Do you ever get static on your audio with this mic?

No, not at all.  I have Windows 7 and you need to go into the recording settings and tweak some stuff.  Mute all other sounds, etc.  Then it sounds great.  I also use the audio file SPEEX through Eclipse, which sounds the best I think.

You just have to play with your individual computer to find what works best for you.  Literally took me almost three months to get it where I wanted it with buying different mics, using different settings, all of which sounded like crap.  The USB is by far the best.  Sometimes I have the videographers hook into my laptop, which sounds just as good too.


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