Post your medical questions here. We've all been there. You think you know what you're doing after so many years of reporting, and then - blammo - up comes a medical word you've never heard of. Happens to me more than I'd like to admit.

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I guess what I'm asking is are they pronounced the same bec. I'm never sure which spelling to use.

'Cause if they prounounce it Nap pro sin, I think they could be referring to either one.
Yeah, but if they don't say it like that, do you bother to sit there and ask them na-prox-in or nap-ro-sin
What if the attorney says symptomology? Should I change it to symptomatology or just leave it?
Need help with a medical word. I can't figure out the spelling. it has something to do with urology since the depo was of a urologist (and he had a very strong accent :O). Anyway, here's the way it was used:

Q. But you've also testified that they could represent "Fleebalits"?
A. Correct. It is also possible it could be vascular calcification, "Fleegalits", lymph node
calcification, calculus of the ureters, all that could be present in this picture.

I can't put my finger on the exact pronunciation, but they both seem to pronounce it differently. It's either "FLEE-ba-LANCE" "Flee-GA-lance" or "FLEE-ba-LITS". HELP!
I was thinking it could be phlebitis, but I think it's phleboliths.
Thank you, Marla. I am pretty sure it is phleboliths. You're awesome!
Aw, you're sweet. But it's Google that's awesome. I just Googled all the other medical words in the sentence, and I saw "phleboliths" in one of the results. How did we ever do it before without the Internet?
I think it's neuro consult, short for neurological consultation.
Can anyone help with a word. This is about being septic and/or having bacteremia, renal failure, etc.

The doctor's answer: "Well, the clinical presentation. She was "ACUTIAL," she was confused. I don't recall the white count offhand, but she was acidotic at the time."

The word I can't figure out is "Acutial." Any help. He had an accent so maybe I'm just hearing him wrong.
How was it pronounced phonetically? Was it "ack-choo-eeyul"?
I hear "act-cute-ial."
So you hear "act," not "ack"?

Are you sure he's not saying she was acute something-or-other or she had acute something-or-other?


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