I would like clarification on the proper way to write these words:  Moreso and more so.   I'm sure depending on the meaning, it could be both.  Maybe it's just always two words now.  As I read on the internet about it, I just get confused.  Advice would be great!


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Always two words ... more so.  Webster's doesn't recognize it as one word either.

I'll go with that.  I knew that it didn't, but then I kept reading more, and started questioning it.  Thanks for your help!!

Moreso is the name of some company, no?  You're suggesting that moreso is a word?

I didn't even know it was ever one word.  I've always done it two words.

Hi, Sandy,

Two words.


I keep a Webster's New World Dictionary on my desk (have for years and it looks it).  I already knew what the right word was, but I confirmed it with my best friend.

Thank you! I don't think I ever questioned it before, but for some reason, I did in this transcript. I appreciate the help.


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