looking for student for motivation and students to give motivation

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I'm actually looking for both. I believe that all students no matter what the speed can contribute to this. I've seen lots of students on the forums get so frustrated and some of them are never heard from again. so I'm looking to get together a small group of people to motivate.
this is exactly what I'm talking about. I'm sure that your new way of practicing would be helpful to a lot of people.

are you a student?

Please share your new ways of practicing you learned -- or better ways of practicing what you were already doing. I am a high speed student and welcome the advice.

Hi, Coco...

Great idea for a discussion...

I am a student and, for what it's worth, I find that practicing at speeds faster than I can write accurately makes me VERY frustrated, and makes me not want to practice. However, if I practice at slower speeds, I can get dictations more accurately. Then, when I write faster, I'm more likely to write correctly and feel good about what I write.

I know many students pooh-pooh the idea of writing at slower speeds, but it works for me! Nina
Okay, so I'm a student - stuck at the 80/100 speed level (I think I can pass my last 80 this week- but I've been practicing at 100) -- I've been at this speed forever (3 quarters, I will admit it). I'm also an online student - which is so difficult because there is virtually ZERO input. No one, professor included, really tells us how to practice -- the resounding advise is -write, write, write -- but how do you do that? How do you stay motivated when you keep writing and you can't pass tests?

And what is the "pyramid" thing Virginia referred to?

I'd appreciate ANY help!
Thanks for that clarification, Virginia - your other tips were great, too! Nice to know that I'm in good company on the plateau -- I feel better.
Wow! I just did the Rip-N-Read! Whoa - that was a challenge - but I really saw some improvement! And I like doing it because it's quick and you can see some real result really fast - at least it assuages my feelings about taking action! Thanks!
I actually built mine up with three pads (total) after hearing Mark recommend it at one of his boot camps. There was zero acclimation time for me, and I really did notice less stress on my hands right away.

I have had a pad or two fall off the top and had to scramble to get a replacement on, but I think if I glued the second and third set with a stronger glue than the adhesive they came with, then that would not even be a problem. I have never had the first pad fall off my machine, just the second and third pads on the vowels.
Hi Coco. I don't know how far along in the program you are, but I'm also a student. I will be honest with you, it's tough and sometimes it sucks!! But with practice (and this is what I keep telling myself), you will get there!!! So stay focused and positive. It's so easy to listen to everybody complain about how they're not progressing, or complain about how so-and-so is progressing so quickly... but stay out of it - it will suck you in!! E-mail me sometime!!


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