Has anyone out there used Munson scoping? .50 pp sounds too good to be true.

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Though I do not know anything about Munson Scoping, I do know a wee bit about pricing and rates.

When I have sought the services of freelancers, subs, ICs (independent contractors), whatever you want to call them, I always request their rates up front in an effort to see if I can afford them.

Sometimes I am literally shocked when I receive their rates and read their poorly written response to me. I'm thinking why on earth would I ever hire them. If they cannot take the time to spell-check their reply, capitalize words, insert commas where they're supposed to be, or realize the punctuation errors riddled in their text, I don't want to work with them. And the nerve of them wanting to charge top dollar. It boggles my mind, and I wonder how they get any repeat business. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

In these tough economic times, some folks may drop their rates because they are facing the reality of having to make ends meet. I realize others in the industry resent those who drop their rates as it makes it difficult for the professionals in our industry to get paid their worth, but with housing foreclosures, the Feds paying China $500 million a day in interest only, well-known businesses shutting down for good, and unemployment, these are different times that we live in today.

In sum, though it may sound too good to be true, it also may be a golden opportunity to receive quality work at an affordable rate. I just share this as food for thought.

I'd give Munson Scoping one of Marla's punctuation tests and see how they score. The proof is in the pudding. HTH!
I agree with Jennie 100%! That's how my proofreader started, by slashing his get-to-know-me rate. He's the best proofreader I've ever found. I'm sure Munson Scoping isn't going to keep the .50 pp forever. Maybe it is a great and not-too-expensive way to test her to see if she is a quality scopist. Send her a short job. At .50 and short, it won't be a horribly expensive experience... and it could be a great one. I've taken the last two weeks off and have no pages, otherwise I'd send her something.


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