I like this writer.  I have two complaints about it after using it one time.  

The writer wabbles on the tripod. Hard to keep stable.  I had to put it snug between my legs to write on it yesterday.  I also wish the depth stroke was a little shorter.  It also makes a lot of "clanking" noises when writing on it - sort of loud.

Other than those two things, it is fine.  I'm going to keep it.  I don't know what to do about the tripod issue; hard to write on a machine that is wabbling.

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Kelli, have you tried a tilting tripod to ease your wrist pain?  I always used mine tilting towards me.  A few other reporters told me to tilt it the opposite way, with the back of the writer lower than the front.  That instantly took the stress off of my wrist. 

I know and I'd love to find a tripod that would tilt like that.  My Mira used to have a tripod that would tilt.  This Impression writer does not tilt at all.  I sometimes will put a box of business cards under the tripod leg to make it tilted, but then it falls over sometimes.

That's weird. When I purchased my Impression, they offered me a tilting tripod with it.  Do they not offer the tilting tripod anymore?

Here is a link to tilting tripods.  They're not cheap, but you only have to buy one.  I've had mine for over ten years.


Thanks, Janet 

The tripod that came with the Impression has that one leg that goes out and makes the tripod tilt toward you a little bit.  It doesn't tilt backwards.  It looks like that's the same tripod.  Am I right?  I just don't want to buy what I already have is all.  I wanted one that tilts a lot more and the other way, like you say, down and away from you.

The piece on the bottom of the Diamante makes the Diamante tilt forwards or back.  Did you know what?  It doesn't tile easily.  You have to use a little pressure.  But it is a tilting mechanism/piece that will tilt on any tripod.

I've tried it before and I can't get it to move very much.  I'm probably doing it wrong.  Someone also said you have to remove the plate on the Diamante and then it will tilt.  I did that too and it didn't work.

Hi Kelly, this is going to sound insane, but.......this past Christmas my hubby got me a diamond ring.  Not the engagement kind, but a heavy one with little diamonds all around it.  It's quite heavy because it's thick with white gold.  Well, I'm writing and writing, and one day my wrist starts killing me going up to my ring finger on my right hand....actually it probably was going downward.  It got to the point where it was killing me.  I thought oh, no, carpal tunnel time!  Well, I decided to try to write for a week without the ring on, and it worked.  It was so bad at one point that I couldn't even touch my wrist or the top of my hand by the ring finger without feeling like an electric shock.  Now I will only wear the ring when we go out somewhere.  I love the ring, too, it's so pretty, but it's not worth the pain.   Just my luck, too, I get a real nice piece of jewelry and can't wear it, haha.

Do you wear any heavy rings?  I know, sounds insane, but it helped me.  Good luck to you.

Yeah, I NEVER wear my wedding ring when working for that same reason.  My husband gives me a hard time because he never takes his wedding ring off and I never wear mine.   It also bothers me rolling around on my funger.

Glad you found out what the problem was.  I try to not have any weight at all on my wrists/hands and have my lumbar pillow, sit up straight, try to breath.  I went to a therapist and he told me my problem with my wrist is I don't breath and it's a circulation issue.  Try to be conscious of your breathing.  It is so much harder than it seems.  I never breath.  I catch myself all the time.  If you don't breath properly, you slouch more and you're not getting oxygen to your brain, which helps you think better and have better posture, which makes you have better circulation.  A lot easier said than done.


Here is what I found to help my wrists.  These exercises are amazing and have made all the difference in the world.  Have been reporting - heavy reporting - since 1972. These were the key to be able to keep reporting.  I hope these will help you and others out there.

I always bring my lumbar back pillow with me from Relax The Back.  Never know what kind of chair we will get.  Makes the day so much easier with back support - less fatigue everywhere. 


OMG!!  Thank you so much, Ashala.  I'll check them out for sure.

Those are good, Ashala.  I just tried them and they made my hands feel good.  I don't have pain, but I could tell it stretched my tendons out in a good way.  Thanks for posting!!!


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