I like this writer.  I have two complaints about it after using it one time.  

The writer wabbles on the tripod. Hard to keep stable.  I had to put it snug between my legs to write on it yesterday.  I also wish the depth stroke was a little shorter.  It also makes a lot of "clanking" noises when writing on it - sort of loud.

Other than those two things, it is fine.  I'm going to keep it.  I don't know what to do about the tripod issue; hard to write on a machine that is wabbling.

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I am curious. Are you using the tripod that it came with?

Also, I think you can have the depth lowered to your liking. I just bought one. Very excited.


There can be "slight" differences between tripods and how snugley the a writer fits on the tripod.

What tripod were you using before with the Diamante?  Do you have some some other tripods at home you can try just to check the fit?  If the Impression came with its own tripod and it's loose, I'd tell them they need to fix that.  Maybe the mold is off or something.

Hmmm, I would not like the noise or the fact that it doesn't go as shallow as the Diamante.

By the way, have you used your Diamante on the "shortest" stoke and if so, does your stacking or splitting increase?  Mine does.

I have used both my Diamante tripod and my Impression and both wabble.  Not sure what that's all about.  I may have to talk to tech support about that.   The depth of the writer has the same shallow stroke as the Diamante.  They are just about the same.  I think it could be shallower, at least that's what I was hoping for.  It does have a very nice touch, though.  

I have not noticed as much stacking with the Impression as with the Diamante.  I've only taken it out on one job, though.

I am using the tripod that came with the writer.  I also have the writer on the lowest depth stroke.  I don't think it's all that shallow of a stroke.

Kelli, then there must be an issue with the bottom of your Impression that fits onto a tripod.

Surely all their writers don't wobble on the tripod.

Aside from the noise and the wobble, do you like it better than the Diamante?

I'm not sure yet.  I wanted to buy this writer because I was hoping my wrist pain would go away.  That has not happened yet.  I was still in pain on Friday when I was using it.  I think if the depth was shorter, I would like it better.  Maybe some of them have a shorter depth stroke than mine.  Not sure.

Kelli, I think the only thing that will help you is not working as much, maybe cutting down to a couple days a week.

Can you try putting a piece of paper toweling over the tripod before you connect it?  Maybe that will make it tighter.

I had that same issue with my Passport when I got it.  I thought they were all the same - NOT!  I spent months holding it between my legs to keep it steady.  When I sent it in for yearly maintenance and mentioned the tripod being loose they said there were different tripod sizes - one size does not fit all. They replaced the bracket on the bottom of the machine to fit my tripod - no wobble after that!

Interesting.  They told me that myself and one other reporter, who is my friend, are the only ones they have heard having this issue.  Apparently that's not the case.

My husband put three washers on thed tripod and that gives it enough of a snug fit so that it doesn't wobble all over the place.

Kelli:  That is crazy you would have to do that.  For the cost of the machine, I say send it back and have them send you a machine that does not need washers attached to it to keep it steady.  What an awesome husband to fix it for you...

That is kind of wacky. Mine does not wobble at all.

Sorry you can't get it shallow enough.  The only thing that might be shallow enough for you is the Lightspeed.

Are you using the bluetooth to hook up?  

No.  USB cable.  


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