I like this writer.  I have two complaints about it after using it one time.  

The writer wabbles on the tripod. Hard to keep stable.  I had to put it snug between my legs to write on it yesterday.  I also wish the depth stroke was a little shorter.  It also makes a lot of "clanking" noises when writing on it - sort of loud.

Other than those two things, it is fine.  I'm going to keep it.  I don't know what to do about the tripod issue; hard to write on a machine that is wabbling.

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I was having wrist pain a couple years ago and then one day I came across these on You Tube and they worked!  The secret is to remember to do them even when you do not have pain.  Takes very little time.  On a break you can do them or when the attys. stop to take a breath.  Be sure to do them before going to bed and upon rising each day and any time you think about it.

I really can't stress enough that the Relax the Back back pillow support is major as it saves your back and neck and shoulders - which also equates to your wrists and arms.  

Happy reporting... 

LOL, well, I can wear my engagement ring and wedding ring.  I got them 28 years ago, and we were only 21 at the time, so not very big or heavy, haha, but I still love them and wear them.  Matter of fact, I can't get my wedding band off.  I was going in for a laparoscopy and they said they may have to cut it off.  I was so upset, but everything went well, and they didn't have to.

The new ring is beautiful, but heavy though.....only for special occasions.  So irritating!  I'll have to watch my breathing.   I do know when it gets fast, I tend to tighten up my neck, so my neck is worse than my wrist, that's for sure.  My back and neck.  I just wish attorneys would slow down, they have no idea how they're killing us physically, LOL.

Especially now that they know we have the audio backup, they just forget about us. I still speak up but rarely does any good.  I got 400 pages last week on a super technical chemical case.  The attorney would not slow down.  This, BTW, is not New York margins, California margins so you know he's booking!!

I guess California margins are wider???  Ugh, that sucks.  I've been getting faster jobs with pages of like 170 or 150 by like 1:00.  It's killing me lately.  I've had a few 400 page cases, and it always seems to be wordy cases, too.  Not yes/no cases, of course.  I really wish there was a course in law school on how to make a record and to remember there is a court reporter there.  I love the old-timers, they are the best!  The newbies are flying and they will even warn me sometimes that they are fast.  Gee, thanks.

So true!!  Not quite sure what the answer is to this.  You're right; the newbies just do not care.  What I do is I put in all their false starts and leave absolutely nothing out and make them really see what kind of record they're making. You know the senior partners are looking at these transcripts.  That's all you can do.

One time, the owner of a law firm even fired the attorney after reading one of my transcripts.  She was horrible.  That definitely was payback in a great way!!

Awesome!!!!  Yes, the senior partners do look at these transcripts when they're going to trial.  I would love to leave in the stammering and false starts, but my agency makes me clean them up.  I have thought to myself how'd I love to leave them as is......a giant mess.  Then they can see how bad they really are.  Good for you!

I don't think it is our job to clean up their mess.  We don't do it on video depos, so why would we do it on regular depos?  Verbatim is verbatim.  I leave it in.

Yeah, if the job is videotaped, I leave all the stammering and stutters in.  If it's not videotape, I clean it up.  Plus, it's exhausting to write all that stutter stuff.


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