Hi All:

I did some work for Bonnie over a year ago and still have not been paid. I occasionally receive a small check in the mail with no rhyme or reason. Well, this last check has been returned NSF. My bank fee is actually more than the amout of the check.

I'm wondering if anyone else out there is having the same issue and/or how you collected the money you were owed?


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Have you sent letters? Have you sent certified letters? You need to do whatever steps you need to do to be able to file a small claims lawsuit against her. Then file the suit. Take her to court. A judgment is better than nothin'. After you get that judgment (unless she miraculously comes up with the money when she gets the papers), then come back and tell us all about it--then you can put her full name out there. I'd like to know about deadbeats whether they be lawyers, reporters--or even that damned scopist that gave a false name and a false Social Security number, false address (one that didn't even exist--took PayPal only), changed her phone number and blocked me from her email, so I couldn't file a 1099 on her (now no W-9, no scoping or proofing). Yes, I would like to find that piece of work.

Good luck to you.


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