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Anyone have any idea of how I can locate a court reporter or two in the KY area?




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If they have RPR's they will be listed with NCRA.  I don't remember if you have to be a membeer of NCRA to use the online directory. ( 

Thanks! I'll give it a try.

Are you locating one or two specific reporters, or one or two reporters to cover jobs for you?  The latter, go to the Cover Depos group of the area, join it, then send out an e-mail blast to all of the reporters in that group. 

Thank you! I'll give it a try.


If you go to the banner at the top of this page there's a banner.  There's a link for "Cover Depos."  Click on that and a map of the US will appear.  Click on Kentucky and you will have the Cover Depos in Kentucky group show up.  Then you can send a blast email out to that group and find a Kentucky reporter.

Good luck,


Thank you, Janiece. (BTW--you have a great first name.)



Hit on the Cover Depos tab at the top of the page.  A map will appear with red dots all over it.  Hit on the red dot for Kentucky.  First join the group, hit on that tab, and once you do that another tab will appear "Send message to the group."  Hit on that tab and send your message.  That's how it works.  Don't forget your contact info.  Everyone seems to forget that.


Your message will go out in an email blast to all the reporters in that group.


Oh, thanks, Janiece, I see you beat me to the explanation.  Appreciate it.

Sure, Kelli.

Sorry, I didn't put all of the important details like joining the group.  LOL.

That map is nice.  I didn't know it was there.

Very cool


Thank you,, Kelli, for the thorough details. I'm sure I missed one of those steps.

Northern Kentucky is Susan Lee from Riverside Reporting.  Susan is certified and been a reporter for several years.  859.291.6110.  Louisville area is Sandra Aich, again certified and experienced.  812.267.2039.

Y'all are so awesome!! Thank you so, so very much!!


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