I cannot make out what this guy is saying. It sounds like ALTA-WAY.

I am hoping a fresh ear will know what he's saying. I sure can't figure it out. This is a recording from a telephone, and the audio is a wee bit fuzzy.

The 21-second audio file is below, entitled "ALTA-WAY."

TIA to any and all responders!

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It is 6 or so a.m. in the morning and it appears to be that either I am not hearing it correctly or it was a made up word by counsel. He is trying to say ergo, which means leading to a conclusion one can say, but not so sure. Let me know if you come up with anything else.
Thanks, Anita, for your kind effort. I don't think it's "ergo," but I can definitely see how that word would fit well.

This man has a New England accent. The "ALTA" part of it could be "alter" -- maybe "alternate."

I'm all finished the job and just listening to it a few more times before I click the SEND button.

Out of sight, out of mind, as they say. Right now, though, I sure would like to get that word.
I'm hearing "the other way to that."
I like that much better than ALTA-WAY. LOL In fact, it makes more sense.

This guy is a mush-mouth. Grrrrr!

Thanks, Rosalie!. I am 5 minutes away from hitting that SEND button to the client!

Did you get a new puppy? He is so cute.
Hi, Bev. He's not mine, but I am a sucker for a cute puppy. So I had to post up his photo.

Hope you're enjoying this autumn. We're peaking right now with colors from the trees. I really do love the crisp fresh air and the smell of the earth.
Geez! The audio is actually really clear. He definitely said the sounds of "alta way" but I have no idea what it means. I can't read any way his accent would screw up anything to sound like that. Maybe he's shortening the word "alternate" way, as in the alternate way to that is...but I've never heard someone do that.
Welcome to my world, Veronica, where made-up words and indiscernible speakers are the norm. LOL

Thanks for the reply. At least you heard what I heard too. I actually did Google "alta-way" but came up empty.

I have trouble with New England accents. I have no problem with Southern accents. Of course, I live in D.C., and we are below the Mason Dixon line.

I found Alta Fuels. Sounds like he's either saying Alta way or Alta weight. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the reply, Deborah. I went with Rosalie's suggestion, as the job was due this morning.

It is a financial earnings call, and so I am not too concerned about it being strict verbatim, as I would if it was legal proceedings.

I just don't like those mush-mouth speakers one bit. Why can't they speak a little more clearly? Sheesh!
It sounds like he is saying "the Counter way to that though is ..."
Joe, you have a good ear. It does sound like that, and it would fit in that context. Unfortunately for me, I already sent the transcript to the client. :-(

Where were you at 9 a.m., Eastern Standard Time, when I needed you to unscramble those words for me, Joe?! :-)


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