I'm looking into purchasing either an Xpression or Luminex, or maybe even a used Diamante. I own the Impression. And although it writes well, I've never liked the cheap plastic fragile-feeling shell, and screen feels really cheap when opening and closing. Less than two years after owning the machine, the side hinges have cracked the plastic simply from opening and closing my screen, of which I always do carefully. Not happy!! I heard of another reporter that has owned her Impression six months less than me, and the plastic around her hinges are a bit cracked. Have any Impression owners had this issue? I plan to repair and sell the Impression. It's a great machine otherwise. I'm borrowing a friend's Diamante right now, and I like the feel on it also, which is why I'm also considering buying a used one (and to save money too).

Any input on either the Luminex or Xpression would be appreciated. Thanks!

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I have had my Impression for about three years, and I have a little chip by the hinges similar to yours.  The machine does write pretty well, although I get a lot more stacking than I ever did with the Stentura.  I also don't like how high the screen is, so I often leave it closed to better fit under a conference table.  I think the fact that I usually don't write with my screen up is the reason that my hinge plastic is in better shape than yours.  That said, the customer service has been great with ProCAT.  I'm not sure what I would buy the next time around.  Good luck, and let us know what you decide and whether you're happy with it.  

I have the Impression and my writer has cracked as well.    I'll tell you what, I'll swap you.  I'll take your used Impression and I'll give you my used Diamante.  Even swap.  Has not been used in about 5 years.  I still like the Impression better.

The plastic keys are easier on my wrists.  I've been reporting for 30 years and my hands hurt way more with the Diamante than the Impression.  I do not, however, like the clicking sound of the Impression.  Drives me nuts.


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