Does anyone use or know where I can buy non-copy paper.  I used to buy a safety paper with a wide red stripe down the middle of the page, but Pengad stopped carrying it.  I would like to find something to print read/sign on so that the non-purchasing copy attorney can't copy the read/sign transcript.  Any suggestions, please let me know or email me at  Thanks.

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Thanks.  I tried this one also.  The "unauthorized copy" does not show up very dark.  I want it to where they can't read the transcript at all.  I can't find anything like this at all.  

I wish my firm would use this paper.  Someone had said that it's not legal to use it any longer, so that's why you can't find it. Not so sure that's true, though.

If we could get away with it, printing on certain colored papers, light enough to read still, won't copy very well.

you could try a store I found online (but haven't purchased from) called

another option I found is this:

they seem to have it as well

Many years ago I said I couldn't understand why all agencies didn't use uncopyable paper for original transcripts.  The problem back then was, even if most agencies did it, there would always be at least one who would not, and they would then get all the business.   It would have to be everyone, or no one.   Today, I haven't heard that it's illegal, but maybe it is, I don't know.

In Georgia, once a transcript if filed with the Clerk's office, it becomes PUBLIC RECORD, anyway.  Plus, since electronic copies are usually requested, it makes no-copy paper moot.  They can print how ever many copies they want and/or email it on to anyone.

That's true, Rita.   Too bad we can't get royalties for these extra copies, as authors do. :)

I think PDF It creates password-protected .pdfs ... prints once from each computer.

I know Judy Runes is a big fan ....


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