O & 6 (maybe more), 1 RT Hookup (maybe more) -- Get paid for O & 1 (maybe O & 2)

Pharmaceutical patent case, so you can anticipate that it's going to be very technical and difficult. It's a contract case, and all the defense attorneys have decided that they're going to split the cost of the O & 1. So, yeah, they're going to SHARE. You MIGHT be able to get the other side to order one copy. You MIGHT have to provide more than one RT hookup.  Doesn't matter how many RT hookups you end up getting on this job nor how many copy orders on the defense side. You will ONLY be paid for ONE O & 1 and 1 RT hookup, and maybe one copy if the other side orders it. So, an O & 6 (maybe 30 or 100) with 1 (maybe 30 or 100) RT hookup(s) job, but you will ONLY be paid for an O & 1 (maybe 2) and ONE RT hookup.

Are YOU going to be the reporter to take this job?

Do the right thing. Do YOURSELF, fellow reporters and the industry as a whole a favor: JUST SAY NO!!!  Make that a HELL NO!!!

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You know it, Quyen.  I don't do IA RT but for my lower-level work, I say no plenty to BS like this.  I applaud you for posting this.  This has to be seen by everyone.

 That sounds like a straight up "Why bother to show up?" job to me!

My office has a case going on now that's not that bad but pretty close.  About 15 to 20 attorneys and they want everything for free.  My office didn't even offer it to me because they knew there is no way in hell I'd work for those seriously reduced rates.  I want to say, "Tell me, Mr. Attorney, how much did you reduce your hourly rate for this case?"  I bet not a dime.  It's always the reporters that are expected to take the hit. 

Plus Mary Ann Payonk's great example of do we get free overnight delivery to the other coast just because the FedEx plane is leaving anyway?  give me a break!

Whenever attorneys share, it SHOULD be the cost of the original and all copies to all attorneys and then divided--simple enough.  Otherwise, they can damned well disseminate it on their end and split the bill on their end; I will not assist in screwing me over. >:(  

And I would never entertain providing services under those conditions, Quyen.

Amanda said:  I will not assist in screwing me over. >:( 


Agree ... JUST SAY NO!!!

It's just getting so ridiculous.   The reporting firms should know better.  I wouldn't take that job either!

The problem is that someone will take the job and kill themselves with an assignment that is darned technical, has incredibly multisyllabic words, and foreign witnesses whose English speech is challenging to understand, at best.  Why reporters allow themselves to be taken advantage of in this way is astounding to me.  How will we ever break this cycle if we take these kinds of jobs for far less than the talent and skill we bring to the table deserves to be remunerated properly for?  Do you really think the agency will not use you anymore if you don't take this kind of assignment for way, way below your worth?  Anyone doing that is hurting all of us.  Remember, every day you built and enhance your professional legacy, both as a reporter and as a wage earner.  Every time you allow yourself to be taken advantage of is one more time you and your brethren reporters lose ground financially.  This is the REAL stand your ground.

You are ALL right!!!

and sad to say that some agencies tell new reporters they have to take reduced rates to "get started"

don't buy that either!!


I work in court and they cut our hours to "save our jobs"   No. they just don't want to cut their pay.

and we are still doing the same work but for less money, and they expect us to be grateful just to have a job.  I too wonder why this legal industry seems to be working against us reporters??

Unfortunately, agencies have had to bid on these cases and the case goes to the lowest bidder.  This syndrome started when agencies began using nonreporter salespeople to bring in work.  These people are clueless about how we do our jobs, and they will cut, cut, cut in order to get the work. 

One agency I know has a fairer way of paying the reporters on big cases like this.  The reporters get a capped rate of $10 a page for regular delivery, $11 a page for expedited, and $12 a page for daily.  This is great because, if your base rate is around $4, you're getting a multiple of that, even if there aren't enough hookups on a given day to add up to that amount.  And it saves trying to get a bunch of lawyers to sign order forms every time.  I'm happy with $10 to $12 a page anytime.


you are right!!

and I want to work for that agency?!!

where are they located?



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