I am looking for an official court reporter to do an email interview for a paper at school. It is 10 questions or less, and not due for another month. The only requirement is that the reporter be working in a court.

Is there anyone out there that can help me out?

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I recently retired (September 2008) as an official NYS (Family Court) reporter. I had been reporting since 1969. I also did some Grand Jury work, and some freelance work. I would be willing to try to answer your questions.
Thank you! The questions are very basic; mainly regarding your experiences. Being that I will also be working in NYS, I would love to see your responses.
Do you have an email address that I can send you the questions? I am new to the site so I am not sure if there is anyway to email it to you through CSRnation.
Sure, Kate. Email me at stillreporting@gmail.com.

Are you a student within NYS? If so, where? Which CAT system are you learning?
Thanks! I will get this to you either tonight or tomorrow. I want to take another look at the questions and see if there is anything to add.

I am taking classes through Alfred State online. I will be working in the Buffalo area when I am done. I am using Case Catalyst 9. I started last fall, and am hoping to graduate in May 2010. I just started speed building 1. I also have to have my decision made by the end of this summer class about which direction to go: judicial or captioning. I am certain I will go judicial, as I am told that it is easier to transition to captioning than vice versa.
If you still need someone, I'm willing to help.

I'm in NC in a specialty court (NC Business Court) and am happy to participate as well. :)
Julie & Tori -

Thanks for the interest in helping me out. I'd actually love to have responses to compare so I'd be happy to send you the questions. Do you have an email address that I could send the questions to?

I'm a Federal Official in California - I'm happy to help if you still need it. You can send email me at victoriavalinecsr@gmail.com.
Hi Victoria,
I'm also in Kate's class and am looking to interview a working Official Reporter. Would you still be willing to be interviewed, perhaps by me instead? The SF Bay area is a good possibility for me within the next few years and I'd love to hear the scoop from the West Coast. If not, that's okay.
Victoria - I know I already sent you my questions, but feel free to disregard my interview and help Jenn out. As I said, I already had the interview complete, and was interested in a second interview as a comparison. Thanks! Kate
Thank you to all who have replied and helped out. I am all set with this now.



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