I sent out a rough . . . to four attorneys.  What I've just found:

"Nonetheless, that's actually vagina used by some RPs to get the work done without the delay that is sometimes involved with obtaining Water Board approval."

How it was supposed to read:

"Nonetheless, that's actually a strategy used by some RPs to get the work done without the delay that is sometimes involved with obtaining Water Board approval."

I'm SO embarrassed I could die!!! Ugh! :(

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I thought of you today when a man's name, Eric Stile, came up "erectile."  Luckily not doing realtime (compliments of Eclipse's Translation Magic, I think).

Well, it must have been the laugh they all needed. A different party in the case noticed a depo and requested me back. :)

LOL!   I'm sure it had something to do with the great job you did, though.  :)

Awww, shucks. Thanks, Janet!


Similar experience... In the elevator going to a subsequent depo in the same case, the female attorney on the elevator with me and other male attorneys, indicated she loved getting the rough, was readable, useful and made her laugh when she got to "vagina"  - mortified, oh, yeah  - it was a construction defect case!  I couldn't get my job opened fast enough to see where in the world that word would pop up - Ralph vagina  should have been ravage - oh, my - don't sweat the small stuff - just be glad you weren't broadcast captioning...  I took this out of my main and put it in my medical but then had a case where it came up - I double-stroke it now SRAPBLG/SRAPBLG.  


LOL, Lana!  Ralph vagina is pretty unforgettable.  I'm sure the attorney still remembers it.  :)

Omg, lol, Lana! When we get past the stage of excruciating, cringing mortification, it's nice to look back and laugh at ourselves. ;)

I've had that word accidentally come up before, but it wasn't realtime and there were no roughs needed, so I didn't think much of it, just kind of giggled to myself, oops, when I saw it come up. I've change the dix entry now to VAUJ. :D

In school, we created all of our include files for when we started working.  Usual stips were amongst those files.  We were required to print them out and hand them in for our teacher to proof them.  I've been using the same include files since I first started working in 2010.  I'd never actually read over the stips myself, word for word, and an attorney once asked me what my usual stips were, so I was reading them outloud.  I then realized that for the past two years, any case I've done that had usual stips included, the word, "whore," had magically replaced one instance where the word, "whose," was supposed to be.

I've since changed the include file, obviously, yet I still make sure to search the entire job for the word, "whore," just in case.  I'm pretty sure most attorneys skip right passed the stips pages, but I wonder what the reaction was of the few that may have caught my error.  All in a day's work! ;)

Sounds like we should create a new Discussion Group called " I'm so embarrassed."
We all have stories like that. Well, not quite like that. Lol.


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