I have to share this with all of you...

I am so excited! Last night's Theory II class was supposed to be review for my finals next week. Well, my instructor handed out our practice test and told us to take our time and basically pretend like it was the real thing. Then we had our number final, addresses, social security numbers, dates and times etc.. We also had our mandatories exam. Our instructor graded everything and handed it back to us and told us to review it. Well, as I looked at my grades I was wishing this would have been the real thing because I passed everything with high scores, but it gave me hope that I would actually pass my finals next week, so I was happy. Well....my instructor then informs us that, that exam was the real thing and we just all passed our finals!! Let me tell you, I cannot even begin to explain how ecstatic I was last night! Our instructor is a genius!!!! I hate testing. I get nervous every time, and screw stuff up. I just passed Theory II, and now I am on to start my speed classes. Wooo hoooo! I am so amazingly happy that I am getting closer and closer to my goals!

You all are awesome and I hope you have an amazing day! I know my day is starting out GREAT!!!! 8-D

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Congrats! I'm excited for you, too.
Thank you!!!! 8-D Sorry for all the grammatical errors in that post! Hehe

I wish I could get punked but since I take it online and do the work from my house there's no one to punk me!
Awesome! Congratulations!!!!!
Awesome teacher. With awesome students! Congrats! 8=)
Excellent!!!! Congratulations.
Congratulations, that's great news, and you're lucky to have such an understanding teacher :)
Congratulations! Testing without nerves -- that's great!!!


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