I had a realtime patent depo. today with three attorneys.  Two of them wanted realtime.  The third attorney said, "No, I don't need that."  I could tell he didn't think much of realtime, thought he had no use for it. 

When it came his time to ask questions, he moved to the seat with my netbook set up with the realtime.  Every once in a while, he'd look at the screen.  Before you know it, he was scrolling up and down, reading almost every answer.  Yes!   I love winning them over.  I think his answer will be different the next time a reporter asks if he wants realtime. 

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I get a signed order for everything.  I don't offer interactive RT but I'm sure I'd have an order form ready at at all times and if asked to use a laptop of mine to follow my RT or their own computer, I'd say, "Quick sign here, please, and then it's yours," or something like that.   No signature, no service.

It is awkward not knowing what the rates are when asked.   When they ask how much the realtime is, I tell them it's approximately X.XX, that they should confirm the rate with the office.  If they really want realtime, they'll go with it.  


I make sure the realtime is checked on the order form before they sign. 

Without saying the actual rate, Janet, how much more than we are paid do you think the attorneys are charged for realtime? $0.25/pg., $0.50/pg., $1.00??? I just have no idea to even give an estimate.

I'm guessing 2.00.  That's a pure guess, though.

I don't think the markup on realtime is that high, but who knows?   I would guess the lower end of your range, Quyen. 

No, I meant that the whole charge is 2.00 a page for RT, not that that is the markup.  I can't imagine it would be more than that. 

The charge for rough draft for a very long time now has been $1.50 that the agency charges the lawyer.  I charge 70% of that.  RT is much more valuable and requires a much higher degree of skill so I've always assumed that $2 is how much agencies are charging their lawyer clients for IA RT.

What I said in my last post is I've had attorneys deny that it is their signature on the order forms.  I take the picture.  If attorneys are going to become that unscrupulous about getting RT, then I have to resort to drastic measures.  The photos don't go anywhere unless they deny ordering the realtime.   It's pretty sad that it's come to this, unfortunately.  I'm just tired of getting stiffed.

Yes, all it would take is one time for anyone to actually deny they signed the order form for me to go drastic.  I'd probably make sure it's on audio and create a sound bite of the order.  Whatever it takes.   Man, that takes the cake.

Then they'll deny it's even their voice! Lol. I've had TONS of order forms signed. Never had anyone deny they signed it YET.  But I'll have to try to remember to take a picture from now on, ugh.

Yep, forewarned is forearmed.  Who woulda thunk!!    Ugh indeed!!

I agree with all the realtime-related complaints, such as attys claiming they did not order nor use realtime.  One of the biggest law firms in the country does this regularly, and it's pathetic.  I do not take a picture, though.  I just get a signature and indicate realtime, and the realtime user.  Oh, and for what it's worth, I read and re-read the initial post, and I still have the same feeling I did when I read it the first time, and that is that the guy got free realtime, especially since he moved to a seat with a netbook set up with realtime.  I determine my realtime users before the job starts, and then I put an extra mini down at my feet or sometimes off to the side, like near the phone or coffee.  If someone wants to use it, they can ask.  But leaving a netbook set up at the table is something I just do not do.  Interestingly, last week I had a job where, when asked if he wanted realtime, the defending atty said, "Oh, I might look at it once or twice today."  He said it seriously.  I said, "Do you want realtime today, sir?  There is a charge for it."  He said, "Yes, I want it."  But he was so cavalier about it.  I think he didn't want to appear dependent on it, as if he didn't have listening skills.  Also for what it's worth, he had his nose in the realtime netbook all, and I do mean all, all day long..  M.A.


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