I had a realtime patent depo. today with three attorneys.  Two of them wanted realtime.  The third attorney said, "No, I don't need that."  I could tell he didn't think much of realtime, thought he had no use for it. 

When it came his time to ask questions, he moved to the seat with my netbook set up with the realtime.  Every once in a while, he'd look at the screen.  Before you know it, he was scrolling up and down, reading almost every answer.  Yes!   I love winning them over.  I think his answer will be different the next time a reporter asks if he wants realtime. 

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Another option is the gem that I learned from Julie Samford at her seminar - the "blank the screen" stroke.  If they're reading over your shoulder you can just stroke the keys that will page down and bring up a fresh clean EMPTY screen!  Voila!  Mission accomplished!  If the atty questions it, you can just say that whenever anyone other than you looks at YOUR screen it does that, followed with, "But, if you just hold on a minute, I can set you up with your own screen that will not do that!"  Realtime SOLD!

And I totally agree with Lisa about Janet's professionalism and also agree that Lisa would make an excellent defense attorney!  Go, Lisa, go! :)

Roberta, which stroke is it in Eclipse that makes the screen go blank?  I'd be interested in knowing that one just for those times that issue may come up.

Thanks, Quyen.  That's how I was looking at it.

Just my two cents: I am an agency owner and all of our reporters know our realtime rates along with all of our other rates. They may not remember them all, but quoting realtime rates is pretty easy and happens regularly.

Has anyone simply asked the question of the agency for whom you are working what the client is charged for realtime? That is a question often asked by attorneys and I think it's important that the reporter is able to answer the question.

I'm always told to have the client call the office and they will let them know.  I agree with you, we should know this information. 

I get asked these questions a lot (how much is a rough,how much to get it on Tuesday, etc) and I answer as to what I know the prevailing rate is and say, "But you need to call XXX Agency to get their specific pricing on it."  

You are awesome Janet.  You can tell by reading this that you love your job!  It is inspiring to read your anecdotes from work.




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