Past President of NCRA joins digital recording company

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SueLynn Morgan, a past president of NCRA and the Oklahoma Court Reporters Association is leaving her position as an official reporter and moving on to a new career.   She is joining 

 FTR, a digital recording software company.


She was one of the members of NCRA that pushed for inclusion of digital reporters to be members of NCRA.   So apparently she feels digital is a viable option and has for some time.


It really feels like a betrayal to a lot of people (and let's face it, it is).   I am sure she probably sees it differently, probably as an opportunity to make some money.    But in reality she is turning her back on traditional court reporting, in my view.

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It sounds like she is going to be a sales rep - go from place to place, give her speech on how she was a machine writer and how digital is so much better.  She will sell the equipment and probably get thirty percent from the sale.  If you sell $30,000 of equipment, and get $9,000 - that's a better job than (-----).
What makes you think she's going to be a sales rep? 

I think she is going to be a sales rep because there really is no other reason for her to join a digital company. 

You join a company (or a cause) because it has some type of benefit to you.  That benefit could be monetary, political or moral or a common cause. 


Her most logical reason for joining a digital company is for monetary benefit.  You wouldn't join a company for monetary benefit if that benefit was less than the monetary benefit you have in your present career.  As president of NCRA, she was way up there in status, and probably money.  A real good sales rep makes lots of money.

As president of NCRA, she was way up there in status, and probably money.

She was an official in, I believe, Oklahoma.  So whatever an official in OK makes.

And positions in NCRA are voluntary, no payment received.

And... there are more positions in a company than sales rep and CEO. :)


She is either going to be a sales rep or be a CEO in running the company.
She's not the first and won't be the last reporter to leave our ranks and join our competition for more money.
Boy, talk about burning bridges.  I think all the people who feel betrayed have every right to feel that way.
Huh. A former/current/whatever traitorous NCRA person who supports ER (electronic recording, for those who don't know).  Shocking.  Yup, keep writin' those checks to the NCRA, where your money will be put to good use -- to put you out of business.  But, then again, there are a few of us one of us who is the best reporter in the whole wide world, and she will be the ONLY reporter left in business when the rest of us will be SOL.  I guess not all will be lost.
FTR appoints a new Director of Consulting Services 
09/27/11 0 COMMENTS 
ForTheRecord announces appointment of a new Director of Consulting Services 

Phoenix, AZ, September 27, 2011 — ForTheRecord (FTR), a global leader in digital recording and content management solutions for judicial and public safety venues, today launched a new Consulting Services department headed up by industry expert SueLynn Morgan. 

The Consulting Services department will advise courts on the technological, administrative and operational best practices necessary for a smooth transition between traditional stenography and the digital capture and management of information. 

Morgan has been an Official Court Reporter for 17 years and has served as a President and Board Member of the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA). She brings a wealth of industry knowledge and experience to her new role at FTR, where she will focus on assisting courts with the personnel, legislative and administrative aspects of transitions, as well as establish protocol that ensures effective and efficient record creation. 

“We are excited about the prospects of our new Consulting Services department and are delighted to have SueLynn lead this new area of our business,” said Daniel Bennett, Executive Vice President of FTR. “SueLynn’s new role, and her unwavering commitment to continual improvement in the judicial system, will further extend the FTR platform of products, services and solutions that are available to courts of all sizes.” 

There is a whole new board with a whole new vision in NCRA, a vision towards promoting stenographic reporters since the membership spoke and they're finally listening.  The Court Technology Conference (CTC) will be in Long Beach this week, and NCRA will have a booth in close proximity to the FtR and AAERT booths and are planning some great things to put them to shame.  Lisa Michaels says the booth will be manned with RT writers and a full-blown demonstration of a mock courtroom setting.  SueLynn will have to face NCRA at this event.  Can't imagine that it will be a pretty site.

"There is a whole new board with a whole new vision in NCRA, a vision towards promoting stenographic reporters since the membership spoke and they're finally listening."


I'll believe it the day I see it.  Until then, I'm getting richer one red cent at a time, saving my membership money and putting it to good use elsewhere.

Janice, will you be attending the CTC conference?  If so, I may have to reactivate your "double-oh" status!  Don't forget that camera!


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