I accepted a workers' comp job yesterday.  When the worksheet came to me, it had the following note on it: 

"REPORTER - Farmers does not pay more for WC. Pay is normal; no per diem."

So I emailed the agency and asked the following: 

"Could you explain the pay on this job? I noticed that there was a note to the reporter that Farmers doesn't pay extra for workers' comp."

The response was:  "Farmers doesn’t pay for an O&2 on worker’s comp jobs…just an O&1."

Needless to say, I emailed back to take me off the job.

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Agree.  O&2 means O&1 plus copy sale, right?

In WC, if the other side doesn't order a copy, who's making an agency send a copy anyway?

Yes. O&2 is the amount charged to the taking attorney, plus one copy.

Marge, I don't know anything more than what I wrote. I'm pretty sure that the applicant's attorney, by law, is required to get a free copy. I'm thinking they're getting one, and the agency, to get the work, are giving one away, so that's why the reporter gets nothing above the O+1. What I didn't like is the agency didn't tell me when I accepted the job. It was when I got the job info that I caught it. I would have been furious if I had found out after I did the job. That's why you have to look at this stuff and ask questions.

So glad you caught that on the worksheet.  Beware of agencies who call all panicked, can you get there right away, and you go thinking the team player thing will pay back later with nice work.  Nope.  Refused to pay according to my invoice due to it being an insurance job. I took the second of these panicked jobs before I was paid on the first job so how about THAT!  Got screwed on 2 jobs.  And to show their appreciation, they never called me again.  Not that I'd ever cover for them again but still, it's very annoying and I'm happy to share who it is.  Email me at marge201 at gmail so you know whose call not to answer.

more agency shenanigans

I think we need to know this agency's name....

agency shenanigans


Just as an FYI:  In CA, the defense automatically pays for the applicant's copy - with some exceptions - but in NC, the applicant pays for their own copy.  So I guess it depends on the state you're in.

Denise, this was a California WCAB, but they apparently loophole around it with the contract being with the insurance company outside of the state.

good to know!


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