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I'm old school, so I'm wondering if anyone knows a sure way to protect ourselves for called-in future copy orders.

I recently attended a seminar, sitting next to a firm owner who was getting copy orders on his laptop during the presentation.  He jokingly commented on whether he would pay the court reporter for them or not.  I jabbed him in his side, trying not to show my indignation, but thought later how completely wrong that is. 

I have also heard from other firm owners to beware, if you haven't gotten a future copy order within the last few years, you are obviously not getting paid for called-in copy orders.

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I think that's what a big CR firm is getting sued for right now   I think it's true if you are not getting back orders ever, the firm is cheating you.  I get back orders quite a few times a year.  I recently got a re-order for a 10-year-old transcript.    

Kelli, this might be a good place to ask this question.  Here in Tn. we are required to keep our notes and back-up  recordings for a minimum of 5 years, and then we are to purge records.  The only back-orders I get are for jobs that were put on hold from the beginning and I was paid my appearance only, and normally those are within the five-year period.  How long are you required to keep records, and other parts of the country?  Curious.  Thanks.

Not the least bit surprised.  I was with one agency for 20 years and finally got smart and left.  Never ever one copy sale.  And I worked a lot.  Needless to say, I despise those people.


Feel free to call me offline.  I would love to know who that "big CR firm" is.

I think this happens with pretty much regularity with tons of agencies.  They think what you don't know won't hurt you.  Just terrible.


This practice show a complete lack of integrity.

That's disgusting.

I love getting copy order checks from old jobs.

Me too.  The people I currently work with are honest and pay me when that happens.  So nice...

I have practically NEVER gotten a copy order check from an old job.   I hedge because maybe once or twice that I have no recollection of.   That's why I have no loyalty to anyone other than good work and me me me.

Here is link for that lawsuit previously talked about on this CSR Nation.


I wonder what happened with this lawsuit.  I'm sure the reporters prevailed.  It's easy to track if an attorney ordered/paid for a copy.

I find that my individual business card with the case and witness's name helps in this situation. More likely they will call you/email you and you can respond and forward the message to the agency. Open communication for all


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