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Hello, would anyone know how one can create one .pdf file, when there are several .pdf files which need to be combined?  Thank you.

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I can do that with my ScanSnap software.  It gives the ability to insert another file after or before whichever page you select of the current PDF.

Where in the scanning process does it ask you that?

In ScanSnap Organizer, click on a PDF to open it.   On the left, is a pane which shows a thumbnail for each page of the PDF.  Right-click on one of the thumbnails and you'll the choice to "insert page" and you then choose any 1- or multipage-PDF you want and it'll ask you where to put it and you're done.

I purchased a PDF program called PDF Professional.  When I want to combine several PDFs into one, I go to my start button and do a search for PDF.  It finds three programs.  One of them is called PDF Create Assistant.  When I click on that, it allows me to combine.  You may have some kind of program for that as well.  Do a search or try to find a manual online for your PDF program or scanner.

Thanks, Ladies.

I use two different software programs that can do this:

(1) Adobe Acrobat Professional (I use version 8.0, but anything newer should have the feature). There is a function called "Combine PDF" which is developed for exactly the purpose in question.

(2) This is a free download that works very well - it is called "PDF Split and Merge." You can both split a single PDF into multiple files, or for your purpose, combine multiple files into a single PDF. The website address is: http://sourceforge.net/projects/pdfsam/

Hope this helps =)


Thank you, Jason!


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